Monaco GP Events: Briatore’s Billionaire Club and Amber Lounge

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Monaco Grand PrixWith the 2010 Monte Carlo Grand Prix on the horizon, Flavio Briatore’s Billionaire Club has organized a special Grand Prix event: Monaco GP Amber Lounge F1 After Parties. Briatore’s VIP party has become the Grand Prix’s top-billed and most exclusive party in town, featured at the rooftop lounge at the Fairmont Monte Carlo. However the Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel offers sizeable competition at its luxurious Sea Club with the iconic Monaco Amber Lounge party featuring three nights of VIP service and star-studded clientele.

Starting on May 13, the Billionaire Club invites exclusive clientele into a festive fantasy escape. Esmeralda Lifestyle Management offers a series of party packages to best enjoy the exclusive Billionaire party at the Monte-Carlo Grand Prix.

The Esmeralda concierge does not offer a guest list or reservations, however the tickets can be purchased at the door. The entry tickets are available at €100, with a complimentary drink. Once inside, guests can order from a selection of menus for the VIP event.

The Privé F.B. for 8 people includes a choice of 3 1.5L Dom Perignon and 2 1.5L Grey Goose or 2 1.5L Cristal 1,5 L and 2 1.5 Grey Goose. The Privé package is availablefor €10,000. The Privé Gold 8-person invitation at €5,000 includes 1 1.5L Dom Perignon, 1 .75L Dom Perignon and 2 .75L Grey Goose, or 1 1.5L Cristal with 2 .75L Grey Goose. The Privé Silver is a 8-person party package includes a 1 1.5L Dom Perignon, 1 .75L Dom Perignon and 2 .75L Grey Goose or 1 1.5L Cristal and 2 .75L of Grey Goose. The Privé Silver is available for €5,000. The Privé Platinum €8,000, 8-person package includes 1 1.5L Dom Perignon, 1 .75L Dom Perignon and 2 .75L Grey Goose or 1 1.5L Cristal and 2 .75 Grey Goose.

Billionaire Club also offers a table on the dance floor for 8 of your friends priced at €3,000. The table includes 2 .75L Dom Perignon and 1 .75 Grey Goose bottle service, or your choice of 1 .75L Cristal and 2 .75L of Grey Goose.

Those who don’t have the Monaco GP marked on their calendars and keep the party going at the Billionaire Club’s opening event in Porto Cervo on June 25, with more party packages provided by the Esmeralda Lifestyle Management team.

In other Monaco Grand Prix events, be sure to check out the iconic Amber Lounge event at the Sea Club, Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel. From the Amber Lounge fashion show on May 14 to fine dining poolside at all three Amber Lounge events, it’s yet another way to live the high life in the world’s most exclusive Formula One event.

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