IF Lifestyle Management Sneak Peek at New Concierge Service: IF Gift Series

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IF Lifestyle Management has just announced a sneak peek at a brand new program for Italy vacations. Inspired by authentic experiences for the discerning client, IF Lifestyle Management presents IF Gifts: the perfect occasion to uniquely demonstrate appreciation for family, friends, and associates.

From inspiring cultural programmes, to unforgettable experiences, luxurious weekends, and celebratory events, the discerning Gift selection guarantees the perfect gift solution and a vibrant Italy vacation experience for the recipient.

The value of IF Gifts rests in their truly personal nature. Though IF Lifestyle Management offers a base of unique Selections, the IF team can design a personal Selection to ensure your gift is perfectly suited to both you and your guest. And once given, the gift can be enjoyed according to their personal discretion. As with all IF Lifestyle experiences, each IF Gift invites the recepient to discover the truly magical world of Italy, from art to cuisine, fashion to wine, city to countryside.

IF Gifts vary according to the even the most discerning tastes. Gift selections can be personally designed by the client and wholly bespoke experiences like wine tasting in Tuscany or art tours in Rome. Clients can also choose from a pre-designed menu of IF Programmes, offering everything from a Forgotten Museum tour to an art-based journey through The Strokes of Caravaggio.

Clients can also gift IF Experiences which offer a private experience in a priviledged venue normally closed to the public. IF LIfestyle Management also offers IF Gifts for Weekends, special Event Itineraries and a Year Membership available for the full IF Lifestyle.

While the essence of any IF Gift are the authentic moment and vivid memory it bestows, the presentation of the IF Gift Selection is an essential aspect. Each IF Gift Selection is presented as an elegant parcel with a detailed description of the Selection, its itinerary, information regarding reservation and confirmation, and all necessary contacts to ensure the gift is lived in utmost leisure.


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