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Dream vacations can be as long or as short as you like. Sometimes you may not have time for a full two-week holiday, but there’s plenty you can pack in for a wonderful weekend getaway. IF Lifestyle Management has created a selection of weekend trips in Italy for all vacation tastes: culinary adventures, wine tasting tours, truffle hunts, boat tours in the Mediterranean, golf weekends and more.

IF Lifestyle Management provides twelve weekend programs for the perfect two-day break between those busy work weeks. IF Lifestyle Management crafts unique travel experiences to local getaways and destinations throughout Italy. Guests are treated to concierge services that guarantee only the highest quality travel options available.

Italy‘s gorgeous landscapes, exciting cities, sleepy villages and breathtaking beaches each speak the romantic language of a land steeped in ancient history, family traditions and modern extravagance. The fascinating culture and innumerable sights in Europe’s sassy boot seduce every visitor with the unforgettable taste of la dolce vita.

IF Lifestyle Management‘s weekend selections include a seaside escapade along Sardinia’s Emerald Coast, a leisurely tour of the Aeolian Islands and a luxury spa vacation in the picturesque countryside. With an acute understanding of Italian art and culture, IF’s weekend getaways celebrate the country’s diverse traditions and landscapes.

Golf in Grace is a luxury golf vacation dedicated to world-class golf courses in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. Guests can create private tournaments or train with a professional golfer for an acclaimed golf weekend vacation.

The Naples & Capri vacation offers an elegant mix of culture and leisure in Campania. Guests can try local Neapolitan tastes, discover cultural visits to frescoes of Oplontis and embark on an island escape to Capri.

Guests can island hop to Rome’s closest offshore island, Isole Pontine, by helicopter or private yacht for a lavish weekend of rest and relaxation in an intimate villahotel.

Ski fans will love the Mountain Pass getaway, a chance to explore the Quattro Passi with a ski pro and visiting villages with new daily routes and destination resorts. The trip includes a private chauffeur to follow with luggage and equipment, as well as an optional skimobile.

With Life In Wine, guests can choose among Italy‘s fine wine regions to participate in a private wine production session. Enjoy wandering through vineyards as well as exclusive tours of renowned private cellars.

For more information on all weekend getaways, contact IF Lifestyle Management on their Paradizo profile. Photo of Italy’s Mountain View by http://www.flickr.com/photos/ingorrr/1078515826/.


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