Pure Entertainment Group’s new Concierge Service Membership

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Pure Entertainment Group, a bespoke entertainment and luxury concierge service based in Montreal, is rolling out their first ever VIP Membership Program.

Starting February 2010, the Group’s membership promises full lifestyle enhancement for clients desiring just about everything and anything under the sun. Discover a world where anything is possible from these dedicated services under the new Pure Entertainment membership packages.

CEO and founder, Steve Edo launched Pure Entertainment Group in 2006, and the company has since grown to include a worldwide network of A-List suppliers and contacts. Mr. Edo has created once-in-a-lifetime experiences for his clients, ranging from Zero Gravity packages, to yachts in the Mediterranean, to luxury villas for the Cannes Film Festival, Pure Entertainment Group makes it possible. The company prides itself on being more than a concierge service; they know their customers and treat them as if they were family.

“Our discerning clientele seeks personalization and customization. Now more than ever, our clients seek authentic experiences that are tailored to their preferences,” says Mr. Edo. “We’ve launched this new Membership program to respond to this growing demand.”

Pure Entertainment Group offers three Membership levels, starting at US$12,000 per year for individuals or US$20,000 per year for couples. The first 20 members to join will receive a complimentary hotel night and dinner at a top establishment in a city of their choice.


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