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Time Savers arranges the ultimate Barcelona vacation for discerning travelers. The Spain concierge has developed the latest up-to-date travel tips for the perfect vacation in Spain. From art travel to exclusive restaurants to the hottest night spots, Time Savers gathers together the perfect guide for your Barcelona vacation.

Photo of Casa Battló

Barcelona Sagrada FamiliaTime Savers has announced a new regular section dedicated to Art in Barcelona, in all of its different expressions and media. For the premiere, the concierge service selected Anka Manshusen and her exhibition of works evoking the spirit of Barcelona’s “Secret Garden.”

Anka’s extreme sensability captivates the viewer instantly. She has successfully created her own and unmistakable universe in each of her works. Anka, methodical in her execution, uses her work as a vehicle of expression and communication.

The result is a sequence of clear messages which appeal directly to the viewer’s senses – whether he is an admirer or a critic. Able to halt existing movement or to create some where previously there was none, Anka’s work points straight to memories, to the reminiscence of past images as well as the projection to our future space/time. The past educates us with our senses for what the futures hold s through our recollections. But above all Anka celebrates life, the most important thing we enjoy and which continuously enthralls us.

Her work will be showcased in the Galería Carlos Roldós until April 15 in Palma de Mallorca. Photo of Sagrada Familia:

Casa Calvet Barcelona restaurantTradition, architecture and above all haute cuisine come together in this unique and exclusive place, the restaurant Casa Calvet. The moment one arrives, still unaware of the experience the dishes constitute, the space immediately captivates one’s gaze. Something that is hardly surprising given that the building was designed by none other than Gaudí for the Calvet family, who had made their fortune in the textile industry.

The restaurant is located in what used to be the offices and workplace. With its high roofs, typical white mural tiles decorated with turn of the century photographs and its antique furniture, Casa Calvet lets us embark on a time travel to another period.

But the real experience are its dishes. Under the direction of Miguel Alija in the kitchen, a perfect equilibrium between traditional Mediterranean cooking, avant-garde cuisine and a hint of Asian influence is created and maintained. The premium quality of the products used and their fusion in a fitting composition of dishes make up a careful balanced menu. Elaborated dishes without superfluous artifice give the required importance to the main ingredient. As a result, one is able to appreciate it much more and that is one is grateful for.

It is a perfect choice for any occasion. A pick in which dining out becomes an experience that brings together the best of Catalan cuisine with the work of Gaudí. Upon leaving the Barcelona restaurant, one will have a strange sensation, one that is surprising and uncommon: knowing with certainty that you will be back soon.

Photo of Casa Calvet:
Club Solo, in a short period of time, has established itself as one of the essential it places in Barcelona‘s nightlife. An ideal stop on any night of the week, where you are certain to enjoy the best atmosphere in the city. Located in the heart of Barcelona, the Passatge de la Concepció, it is surrounded by other highlights of our city’s night-time offering, which we will explore in the future.

Club Solo offers an elegant atmosphere without excesses where in a very natural way apparently different concepts such as elegance and comfort are perfectly combined.

The Barcelona club is extraordinary with 1.500 m2 distributed on 5 different, exclusive levels of varying size. Each has a lounge area with cozy sofas serving as the perfect environment to indulge in the “One Beer After Work” concept any day of the week. Additionally, one of the levels is a restaurant with dimmed lights that offers a perfect intimate atmosphere.

The first thing one notices on the club level is the feeling of space. Something that is highly appreciated and which allows one to move easily between levels, to combine the different areas at different moments of the night, to interact in each one of them and to make of our visit to also delivers a private salon for more exclusive celebrations. Photo of Barcelona Park Guell:


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