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Nowadays, more and more commercial airlines are charging ticket holders for checked luggage. Fees can range anywhere from $25 to $150, but travelers still need to bring clothes and personal items when they go away. Many passengers are now turning to luggage forwarding companies as an answer to the endless lines and overall aggravation of checking bags.

Luggage forwarding allows clients to travel lighter, faster and without any hassles. The luggage is picked up by a company representative at your home and delivered at a scheduled time at your destination. By shipping bags in advance, travelers avoid delays and inconveniences of travelling with bulky or excess luggage.

Some companies keep updated alerts tracking the luggage and follow-up to ensure it arrived safely. Others send private couriers who deliver luggage at a specified hour. Some hotels have partnered with luggage forwarding companies so guests travel luggage-free for the duration of their trip and arrive to their private villa with their luggage ready and waiting, even unpacked if so desired. You can also have your clothing picked up upon vacation departure, dry-cleaned and returned to your home by the time you arrive.

Luggage Free is one of the highlighted luggage forwarding providers in the industry. This luggage delivery company offers travelers the option to send luggage ahead to nearly any destination worldwide. It offers door-to-door service throughout the United States as well as 110 other countries.  Company representatives arrive, wrap the bags in protective coverings, tag and transport them directly to your destination. If the shipment is international, a Luggage Free agent will clear the bags through custom before directly them to your final destination. On the return trip, the process is reversed.

Luggage Free clients can ship a variety of bags, sports equipment, car seats and strollers, boxes and other bulky material to luxury hotels, cruise ships, private residences and businesses. Luggage Free describes its service as a “perfect complement”  for cruises, children going to camp or back to school, and those travelers who simply prefer to avoid the hassle of carrying, checking and claiming bags when they travel.

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