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The new Luxury Travel trip features a 12-day itinerary of Vietnam’s most popular spots, with many special opportunities to discover and savor the surprisingly varied tastes of this fascinating land.

Along with exploring new cultures, one of the great joys of travel is the discovery of new cuisine. Those unfamiliar with Vietnamese food are in for a treat, as the national cuisine is flavorful, colorful and extremely healthy.

North: Northern Vietnam has long been influenced by its proximity to China. As the only part of the country that experiences four seasons, many dishes are only available in season. Overall, the food tends to be milder and lighter than that found in the rest of Vietnam.

Central: The pundits claim that central cuisine is the most culturally authentic food in the country. Heavily influenced by the Imperial court cuisine of Hue, the food is generally spicy and well seasoned.

South: Southern cuisine is the most varied of the three. Rich in vegetables, rice and seafood, it has incorporated French, Cambodian and Thai influences into a style that is distinctively its own. It is more heavily seasoned and tropical, spicier and at times sweeter than northern food.

Luxury Travel’s “A Taste of Vietnam” trip is designed for the traveler with limited time and an unlimited appetite for a culinary adventure.

The trip features a 12-day itinerary of Vietnam’s most popular spots, with many special opportunities to discover and savor the surprisingly varied tastes of this fascinating land.

This culinary odyssey will take travelers from tasting the dishes of the North to the delicacies of Hue, down to the unsurpassed bounty of the Mekong Delta with its cinematic abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Gourmet lovers will experience the tangy flavor of cha ca (charcoal grilled fish), sample Vietnam’s signature pho, become acquainted with infinite types of noodles and rice, and try nuoc mam (Vietnamese fish sauce).

“Our ultimate goal is to give our clients a food and wine experience that will last them a lifetime,” said Hung Nguyen, sales and marketing manager of Luxury Travel Company.

Along the way from North to South travelers will delight in a medley of elegant foods prepared to please the eye as well as the palate, including traditional Vietnamese fare and dishes influenced by international cuisine.

The food and tour is well planned, and travelers save precious time by flying or traveling by overnight train. Highlights include the wonders of Ha Long Bay, one of five World Heritage-listed sites in Vietnam, as well as shopping and a market visit to the capital city of Hanoi with its alluring Old Quarter.

Enjoy a Royal banquet dinner in this former Imperial Capital to enrich your experience in Hue, one of five World Cultural Heritage sites of Vietnam.

Travelers will also visit the picturesque and artsy port town of Hoi An, a favorite with many travelers, and the ever-vibrant Ho Chi Minh City on the bank of the Saigon River.

This trip is designed to discover the food, culture, sights and style of this unique country, combining local charm and luxuries from North to South Vietnam.

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