Boutique Hotel Manor House Opens in South Africa’s Fancourt Hotel

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Boutique Hotel Opened by South Africa's Fancourt

The luxury boutique hotel market is about to be invaded by Fancourt with the recent establishment of its exclusive, eighteen-suite, and premium-grade luxury hotel on its estate: The Manor House at Fancourt.

The manor is basically a meticulous and detailed remodeling of the one-hundred-fifty-year-old Blanco House (a house so historical that it has been declared a National Monument). The Fancourt Hotel General Manager, Murray Aitken, says that the opening of the Manor House symbolizes the dawn of a new era for the company because it represents its foray into a whole new frontier. Manor House is situated at the six-hundred-thirteen-hectare estate’s wooded parkland. As such, seclusion is one of the primary claims to fame that this luxury boutique hotel has in store for its guests.

Moreover, it features one master suite with two bedrooms, four grand suites, and thirteen luxury suites that’s sure to accommodate the different tastes and economic statuses of its clientele. To be sure, the boutique hotel market is a market filled with independent, sophisticated travelers, so it’s only natural that the high-quality, first-rate Fancourt would cater to the discriminating tastes of this demographic. Fancourt is very dedicated and committed when it comes to revolutionizing the hotel industry and continuously upgrading its utilities, properties, amenities, and facilities. The renovation of the Manor House is dedicated to creating “green”-certified practices that are environment friendly and ecologically sustainable; in fact, these very methods have been endorsed by GreenStaySA itself.

Few rentals or destination resorts could ever match the homely, warm, and welcoming appeal of the Fancourt Manor House‘s fine dining offerings. The restaurant associated with Manor House—Henry White’s—has also been updated for modern convenience while still retaining its historical gravitas (the first owner of Fancourt was actually named Henry Fancourt White).

For instance, there’s the Montagu Bar & Library lounge that offers historic nuance, classic ambiance, wingback chairs, and an antique fireplace that will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time! What’s more, there’s also the happy and sun-drenched Garden & Tea Lounge that boasts of afternoon high teas and other elegant teas served every day. If you want to add some class and sophistication in your vacation, then Manor House is your best bet.

What’s more, this phoenix-like reemergence of Fancourt Manor House has given Fancourt a wonderful chance to concentrate on implementing its world-renowned “green” strategy as well. More to the point, environment-conscious guests will certain approve the Manor House‘s use of solar heating installed for the swimming pool, low-flow showerheads that regulate about fifty percent of the usual hotel water usage, dual-flush toilets, and keycard holders that cut power when clients leave their guestrooms.


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