Hilton launches new luxury lifestyle brand: Denizen Hotels

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Hilton recently announced the addition of Denizen Hotels, a global lifestyle brand, to the Hilton Family of Brands. Appearing throughout the world in international social epicenters, Denizen Hotels will cater to globally-conscious modern travelers of the world.

Denizen Hotels will target corporate and leisure guests and creates an international intersection between business and pleasure with an environment that redefines how guests stay and how they play. Each luxury hotel will offer both substance and style, creating a technology-rich, smart-in-design living environment, focusing on connecting emotionally with guests.

“The term denizen literally means ‘citizen of the world,’” said Ross Klein, Global Head Luxury & Lifestyle Brands, Hilton Hotels Corporation.  “We created this new brand in homage to guests who desire and deserve the best hotel experiences, both on an emotional and functional level.  We are excited to introduce this new concept and look forward to welcoming the denizens of the world to our properties.”

Denizen Hotels will offer a global voice with a local accent ­ cultivating a community for guests to connect within each unique luxury hotel location. In addition, Denizen Hotels will benefit from being a part of Hilton¹s global infrastructure that supports a worldwide network of more than 3,200 luxury hotels and 545,000 rooms in 77 countries.  Highlighting local expertise, and blending with a solid support network, Denizen properties will provide an exceptional and practical experience at accessible prices in urban, non-urban and luxury resort destinations.

Social, interactive spaces will be at the heart of the Denizen Hotels brand, welcoming guests and providing exclusive hubs for relaxation and inspiration. From communal style society restaurant tables for the epicurean explorers to rejuvenation zones which will provide a personal technology-rich haven before or after check-in, Denizen Hotels creates a living community, anticipating guest needs and desires in and outside of their rooms and suites. Harnessing the diversity of world renowned architects and interior designers such as Charles Allem, Clodagh and David Rockwell to shape and envision each space, Denizen Hotels‘ internal and external spaces will reflect the influence and eclecticism of world class international design.

Denizen Hotels is primarily aimed at the globally-conscious modern traveler. With developments planned in cosmopolitan, urban cities as well as resort destinations, Denizen Hotels provides for everything from an inspiring urban weekend getaway to a rejuvenating retreat or smart business trip in destinations across the globe.


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