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The Gateway to Premium Skiing

Are you looking for a new skiing spot where you will be able to observe the professionals but still be able to ski at your own level? Visit Jackson Hole found in Wyoming and you will never regret the moments that you will be spending in this less popular yet incredible ski destination. Aside from the intense skiing experience, you will also get a chance to relax at the archetypal ski lodge known as the Bentwood Inn.

Jackson Hole is probably one of the highly admired destination spot by skiing enthusiasts since it can cater to a large number of people. Furthermore, there is also enough snow that can allow smooth skiing with greater than 1,000 centimeters of snowfall every year.

The guests will also surely be able to make the most out of the skiing days since there is a spacious land that can be used by over thousands of people and they would not have to move to another piste to enjoy the activity. As a matter of fact, about 2,500 acres of the pisted-terrain may be utilized by more or less 1,750 skiing or boarding aficionados everyday.

Skiing would also be more thrilling with the ski resort’s vertical drop, which is probably the highest when compared to other ski destinations in the US. You will not only be able to identify a new height of excitement but it will also help you step into a more proficient level.

There are two different landscapes that can be used by the guests of Jackson Hole. One of the parks is dedicated to the expert skiers while there is the superpipe that is meant to test the boarders to no end.

As what has been said earlier, even the novices in skiing may enjoy their stay at Jackson Hole. Those who ski for leisure or those who are still at the beginning of their skiing career may practice at the beginner and intermediate paths, which fill up 1,250 acres of the land.

Jackson Hole truly holds a lot of surprises as it posses the well-known Mountain Sports School and it also has the Jackson Hole Kids Ranch at the piste-side. This ski resort also offers a high-class service that one can hardly ever see in other ski destinations.

One of the things that you can admire from Jackson Hole is the personnel’s highly accommodating treatment towards their guests. Furthermore, they also have the most patient guides, known as the Jackson Hole Mountain Hosts, who are committed to help the visitors in enjoying the activity at their own capability.

Aside from skiing, there are other things that can be offered by Jackson Hole such as the rides on horse-dragged sleighs and its main objective is to allow guests to see the wild elks. There are hot springs and snowmobiles that can help the visitors to relax. The resort also designed a plan that can allow the people to meet the woodland garden’s moose.

Bentwood Inn is perfect for 16-membered group getaways since there are about five lavish bedrooms that are established to surround the study room and dining room. There is also the Great Hall, which has a fireplace that can be enjoyed by everyone, a grand piano, and it also offers a breathtaking view of the woodland garden. Lastly, the guests may also enjoy dining in Bentwood since the staff serves delicious breakfasts and dinners.


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