Algarve Hotel Cascade now Open for Bookings

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Hotel Cascade now Open for Bookings

Hotel Cascade, which is found in the Panta da Piedade’s Cascade Resort, has been launched on April 15, 2011. The first clients of this hotel are all able to take advantage of the introductory offers as a celebration of the hotel’s opening.

The hotel can accommodate a great number of guests as it has as many as 86 rooms all-in-all. These rooms are all beautifully decorated and the design is based on the explorations of Lagos made by Prince Henry the Navigator.

The pieces of furniture found in each of the rooms of the hotel show the culture of different continents such as Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. This makes the entire hotel very much unique and stylish. Moreover, tranquillity and extravagance are acquired through the combination of Moorish inspiration and the Portuguese style of architecture.

Tourists truly have diverse tastes and they can choose from an array of rooms. Some may like the feel of the African safari, the glamorous Asian style, the highly-detailed designs of Europe, and the fresh fashion of the Southern America.

There are different sizes of rooms to choose from such as the Presidential suite, a deluxe suite, and double rooms. But whatever size of the room may be, the guests will surely take pleasure in the extravagance of accommodations and the effectiveness of the services the hotel has to offer.

Aside from the lodging, the guests may also take advantage of the hottest destination spots near the hotel such as the sea caves, natural reserves, grottos, as well as the eye-catching rock formations to which Ponta da Piedade is popular for. But most important of all, the tourists will truly be able to relax through the manificent views of the ocean from Hotel Cascade.

This five-star hotel is part of the bigger Cascade Resort, which is a result of the plans made by the Swiss businessman Urs Wild. The resort is about 38 hectares in size and contains about 58 cottages with 1 or 2 bedrooms. The clients may choose to rent or buy the luxury villas of the resort.

Various facilities may be enjoyed by those people staying within the Cascade Resort and Hotel Cascade. These facilities, which are all established in the hotel’s ground floor, are the health club and spa, a medical centre, and shopping area. And, a building of the Sports Academies as well as the Praceta will be available in the season of summer this 2011.


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