Hotel Le Toiny Le Gaïac Restaurant in St Bart’s

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Enjoy a Luxurious Dining at Le Gaïac Restaurant

There are quite a lot of luxury hotels in St. Barth and Hotel Le Toiny is deemed as the most costly of all.

For people who want to eat together with the most famous people at the luxury hotel may be interested in trying the savory delights served with elegance and style at the hotel‘s Le Gaïac Restaurant.

Your personal guide to St Barts from luxury vacation specialist Sienna Charles will make sure you are in prime seating at the fabulous restaurant.

Le Gaïac Restaurant is regarded as the most romantic and fashionable bistro at Hotel Le Toiny. It is established next to a hill in St. Barth and its location allows visitors to observe the most breath-taking views in the area. In the year 2009, the restaurant became popular seeing that it was given a 96.3 rating by Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List for the food in the Americas.

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Guests will surely have fun eating in the restaurant during brunch or lunch. This is because people can relax and take pleasure in their meal while viewing the calming views of the ocean and the infinity pool. Moreover, the people may sit by the outdoor pavilion that is just across the infinity pool of the resort.

The kitchen is headed by Chef Stéphane Mazieres and it has been proven that his menu includes the most delicious dishes that are presented in a very elegant manner. The menu for lunch is comprised of different dishes such as the ravioli with red pepper and goat cheese. Furthermore, the guests may also enjoy the delicious eat-all-you-can Sunday champagne brunch. The restaurant guarantees that their foods are definitely appetizing and well-presented.

Le Gaïac Restaurant offers a variety of dishes that are extremely sumptuous such as the veal chop spiked with black truffle baked in sea salt, varnished lime fillet of grouper with bananas, ricotta, lamb breaded with shredded coconut and spices, and Portobello tortellini served in a marjoram broth. With these and all the other dishes, it can be concluded that Le Gaïac certainly offers first-class cookery and service making each meal unforgettable.

The services offered by this bistro are flawless thus making the dining experience of the customers memorable. And all-in-all, the ambiance of Le Gaïac Restaurant oozes with extravagance but still in a very casual way.


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