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You may think you have seen it all, but these creative and inspiring luxury hotel concepts and real boutique hotels raise the bar for innovation. This week, the Radical Innovation in Hospitality Awards selected three finalists and one winner at the Hospitality Design Boutique Exposition and Conference in Miami.

The winner was the only actual operating luxury hotel, The Pixel Hotel in Linz, Austria. The other three finalists were awarded for their distinct concepts and innovative design. The Pixel Hotel is now operating in Linz, Austria and serves the now-thriving city named the 2009 European Cultural Capital.

Entirely unique, Pixel Hotel offers accommodations in different venues around the city, each offering unique designs and vibrant personality. Each suite in Pixel offers an exceptional experience with private apartment-like accommodations. Embracing ecoluxury at its best, the Pixel Hotel adapts existing spaces like factories, ships in industrial harbors and even World War I garden city projects. Mobile receptionists and guest services travel between the spaces to make sure that each guest need is accommodated during their stay.

The three finalists for the Radical Innovation in Hospitality Awards were interesting concepts Cliff Hanger, Bucket List and the Zephyr Resort. The Zephyr Resort takes the luxury hotel concept on the road by reinventing luxury train travel in the United States. With an eye on rising gas prices, the design team behind the Zephyr Resort hopes to reinvent the luxury train experience, likening it to a “luxury cruise line.”

Ever read that book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die? A new luxury travel concept will make these journeys possible. The Bucket List concept from a Seattle-based team took the 2007 film “The Bucket List” and made it a travel reality for senior travelers interested in checking off all those things they want to do before they “kick the bucket.” Bucket List Lodging combines eco-luxury designs and mobility solutions to bring must-see locations to the inspired travelers.

The Cliff Hanger concept offers a temporary, modular concept that can be attached to any vertical site. See the world’s most stunning locations, from the Golden Gate bridge to the Grand Canyon. Using suspended tension rods and vertical structures, Cliff Hanger immerses guests in the environment and can be easily attached and detached. Guests can enjoy panoramic views and an innovative change from the traditional luxury hotel experience. It may not be for the vertigo-challenged, but it’s definitely an idea for someone looking for a different way to see the world.

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