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Luxury Hotel Paris Le Burgundy - The Collektion Hotels

A new hotel, a new address, elegant and confidential … the luxury hotel group The Collektion debuted their newest luxury hotel in Paris this past summer – Le Burgundy.

The Collektion opened a new deluxe boutique hotel in the heart of Paris in June, just in time for a fruitful summer holiday. Ideally located where the rue Duphot meets the rue Saint-Honoré, Le Burgundy Paris, the new intimate, confidential address brings elegance and delicacy to hotel luxury.

Architects and decorators have crafted a refined, exclusive decor, blending contemporary furniture and luxurious materials while favouring space and light. Le Burgundy Paris, a veritable showcase of precious and unusual “objets d’art,” devotes a considerable space to contemporary art. Under the impressive atrium window, Guy de Rougemont offers a unique work of art representing softly curved femininity. Artists and their works compose, in the purest harmony, this charming environment.

Faithful to the 5 stars that have already been set aside for it, Le Burgundy Paris derives its distinction from its exquisite, personalized service.

The suites Vendôme, Royale, Malesherbes, Saint-Honoré, pay homage to the splendour of a mythical district while cultivating the affluence of their striking namesakes.

51 rooms and 8 suites offer modern, refined luxury promising a contemporary atmosphere combining contentment and cosiness. This same refinement can be found in the bathrooms, where light-coloured stone, black marble and chrome accessories delicately coalesce.

Le Baudelaire, the quiet and cosy bar that you cannot afford to miss, is impressive with its monumental fresco by Marco del Re, bringing the verses of the “Flowers of Evil” to life. Opening onto a quiet patio, the restaurant, your rendezvous with French-style and good taste, offers delectable, innovative dishes that delve into traditional French cuisine. Entrusted with this culinary art is Pierre Daret, a talented chef, renowned in the
world of haute cuisine.

A veritable Zen retreat, the spa offers a wide range of services entirely devoted to your wellbeing. Give in to the temptation of this timeless area, where you will find a hammam, a sauna, a fitness centre, single and double massage rooms and a beautiful pool with it’s soft aqua undertones. A unique experience, promising serenity… Le Burgundy Paris, luxurious guest house, is a beautiful lesson in style, with just the right touch of warmth for those wishing to live “à la parisienne.”


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