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France Hotel Tiara Yaksta Cannes

We’re excited to announce one of our most recent photo albums and hotel brochures from the exceptional luxury hotel group Tiara Hotels & Resorts.

Tiara Hotels & Resorts offers a portfolio of luxury hotels in France and Portugal, with new hotel openings on the horizon. Tiara seeks to offer a “new sense of luxury” complimented by impeccable service and unparalleled comforts.

Paradizo is proud to showcase Tiara Hotels and Resorts brochures.

Check out the Tiara Château Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly in France. Perched over the Chantilly forest, this majestic castle is just outside Paris and located conveniently minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport, though the luxury hotel is worlds away.

In South of France’s luxury resort Cannes, the seaside resort Tiara Yaktsa Cannes captures the beauty and elegance of the Mediterranean Riviera. The luxury hotel is the perfect seaside accommodations for a relaxing getaway.

The Tiara Hotel Cor Di Mar in Cape Verde is an oceanfront dream on the beach in the center of town. Located in Ponta Bicuda, Cape Verde, Tiara Hotel Cor Di Mar is a beachfront getaway opening this year. Guests will be welcomed into the relaxing laid-back beach lifestyle of Cabo Verde.


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