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Exposed: The 2011 Improvements on Petite St. Vincent

Arrangements for the enhancement of Petit St. Vincent are now ready and will be put into action in a short while. After gaining possession over this small-sized private island, which a small portion of St. Vincent’s group of islands found in Grenadines, and there are some new plans for 2011 renovations.

Phil Stephenson and Robin Paterson, the new title-holders of Petit St. Vincent (PSV), brought their respective families to the private island over the holidays. They have spent enough time during the previous month allowing them to gather useful comments from the resort’s employees and guests. Also, their own experience while staying at PSV helped them to develop a plan regarding the further development of their newly-owned luxury resort.

While creating their reconstruction plan, the two owners made sure that they maintain Petit St. Vincent’s “fundamental nature.” PSV has been a popular destination spot among tourists because of its unique characteristics like: preserved environment, calmness, privacy, hospitability, and personalized service. In addition, the owners do not want to disrupt the kind of peacefulness that the PSV can bring to the guests since this place is like a sanctuary that briefly takes people away from the deafening clamor in the modernized cities. Paterson and Stephenson guaranteed that they will protect these features even though PSV would eventually undergo renovation.

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Based on the program, Petit St. Vincent will still be accepting bookings from May until November of the same year as opposed to the previous plan. On the other hand, they have chosen to stop entertaining guests from September to October 2011.

The modifications that will be witnessed on this resort include opening of a relaxed-type of a la carte bistro along the seaside and it will be open daily from 11am until 5pm. The restaurant will serve a variety of lunch meals, cocktails, and snacks to the customers.

Paterson and Stephenson also planned to add an open air health and wellness spa, a fitness gym, a yoga center that is fully air-conditioned. There will also be a library that will be accessible to all the visitors and they may relax with the services such as television, DVD players, and an Internet connection.

Parents may no longer worry since their kids may enjoy through the tree house that contains services that children will totally take pleasure in. Last but not least, the customers will also be provided with different types of activities that will keep them occupied and these include: art class, water sports, hiking, tennis, and the luxurious wine tasting.

People should make their bookings beforehand for purposes like family outings or group retreats. Potential clients should be reminded that the present charge for every couple per night of stay begins at $903 (£580).


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