Aman Resorts Amanfayun offers for Hangzhou Tea Picking Season

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Check Out Hangzhou this Coming Tea Picking Season

Longjing tea is one of the several types of tea and this can be found mostly in Hangzhou, China. This particular tea will be among the many kinds of tea leaves that will be harvested during 2011’s tea picking season, which will be held on the 10th of March.

A luxury resort in Hangzhou, China, which is part of the global luxury hotel group Aman Resorts, has a lot of neighboring farms that cultivate tea leaves. This luxury spa is known as the Amanfayun and the newest promo that they present to tourists is the opportunity to take part in the popular annual activity in Hangzhou.

The visitors will be able to join the tea picking that will take place in the Longjing Village and this activity will let them discover pertinent information in the production of tea as taught by the selected farmers in that place.

Amongst the numerous sorts of teas, the tea picking will revolve mostly on the Longjing tea since this is the tea that is most preferred by the Chinese. One of the main reasons as to why Longjing became the favorite in this district is due to the fact that it can be cultivated and harvested within a short period of time, which is about six weeks.

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£340 or $580 per night offer

The surrounding farms that grow teas are very much accessible to the guests of Longjing Village’s Amanfayun luxury resort as it will only take a very short walk. Learning will be facilitated by the local tea pickers and these people will teach the tourists important things like the process of cultivating the tea.

The locals of the village of Longjing will also teach the tourists on how to dry the tea. It has been explained that this village make use of the traditional process of drying tea. The said procedure involves the utilization of bare hands and high temperature. It has been stated that it takes about five years of intensive training before a tea farmer can truly perfect this particular tea-drying formula.

One of the parts of this tour, which can be fairly enjoyed by the travelers, is the tea tasting. After gaining knowledge regarding tea farming, they will be brought to the house of Mr. Wang, who is a tea farmer, for a taste of a freshly prepared cup of tea.

People, who desire to become part of this yearly Chinese event, may book a room at the Amanfayun for £340 or $580 per night. This resort will definitely give the guests the authentic Oriental feel as it has been established in such a way that it carries the exact characteristics of a classic village in the country of China. As a matter of fact, this 47-room resort has been standing for almost 100 years already.


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