Aman Resorts Introduces New Luxury Vacation Programs

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Aman Resorts Introduces New Features

Luxury Hotel Group Aman Resorts is now offering special wellness packages for in many of its award-winning luxury resorts in Asia.

To start off, Amanjiwo offers a meditation retreat at one of the most significant Buddhist spots globally, Borobudur. This 7-day retreat will be launched by Amanjiwo starting on September 23 to September 29, 2011.

This Buddhism-centered retreat will be managed by Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, a well-known Tibetan Buddhist and meditation teacher. He will be accompanied by two other known figures such as the yogi Sebastian Pucelle and Toni Tack, who is a specialist in archaeology.

Interested tourists have an option between a 3-night retreat and a 6-night retreat. These two retreats will both be comprised of morning meditation instructions, evening lectures, private healing, counseling, yoga classes, and tours around the local temples and Borobudur.

The price charged for the 3-night meditation retreat with Amanjiwo is about £1,302 or 2,100 US dollars. This will already include of the breakfast for the entire retreat, transport service to and from the airport, and the fee for the group retreat activities.


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Meanwhile, the Amansara, which is found near the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, has launched horseback riding activities just recently. Through this, the tourists will be able to get to the hidden towns, rice fields, and temples in that area.

The tracks for the horseback riding in the countryside vary in length wherein some takes only an hour while other reaches half a day to cover. People can choose when they want to do this activities but it is greatly recommended to do the horseback riding during either the sunrise or sunset. Lastly, those who will participate in the horseback will be accompanied by a “remork” or a motorized rickshaw and a tour guide.

The cost of stay at Amansara is £495 or 800 US dollars per night. Furthermore, there will be an additional fee for the service charge and tax.

Last but not the least, Amanwella in the country of Sri Lanka is now offering private surfing lessons for their guests. The lessons will be performed in two of the beaches near the said resort. There is a beach that is ideal for those who are just beginners in this kind of activity. Meanwhile, the other beach is perfect for the advanced or professional surfers who are staying in this resort.

Amanwella encourages the tourists to visit the resort during the months of April to November since these are the months considered to be best for surfing. The charge for a 3-hour surfing activity is about £53 and this will already include of the drinks, tuition, and transport service.

On the other hand, body boarding lessons with 3-hour-long trips costs £42. And, the price for a night of stay at Amanwella is £279 or 450 US dollars and there is an additional charge for the service fee and tax.


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