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Montenegro Aman Sveti Stefan Resort

In a country famed for its beauty, the most spellbinding images associated with Montenegro are of the tiny islet named Sveti Stefan. Attached to the coast by a narrow isthmus, the island was once a fortified fishing village dating back to the 1400s.  Sveti Stefan’s undergoing a renaissance: Its exciting and painstaking transition to become the second phase of Aman Sveti Stefan, following the launch of Villa Miločer across the bay in 2009.

“I have always been attracted to the natural beauty and elegant coastline of Montenegro,” says Adrian Zecha, founder of Amanresorts, “and it is a privilege to breathe new life into such storied properties as Villa Miločer and the island of Sveti Stefan.” The time-consuming and detailed restoration of Sveti Stefan has retained the island’s historic air, carefully preserving the cluster of sturdy stone buildings with red tiled roofs cheerful amongst hardy evergreen trees. This is something that Amanresorts knows well.

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When asked what was the biggest challenge faced in the restoration of Sveti Stefan, such a high profile Montenegrin icon, Zecha emphasises the time element: “Apart from the usual challenges which are involved in the restoration of any historic and protected building, the biggest challenge with Aman Sveti Stefan was the pressure of expectations of timing to get the job done. It is infinitely easier to build something from scratch because there are no surprises. With old buildings you never know what will reveal itself, and this is particularly true in the case of Sveti Stefan.” While timing is important to Amanresorts, what is vastly more important than “getting it done” is “getting it right.”  In Sveti Stefan’s case, this meant studying the legendary island’s centuries’ worth of fascinating history, to ensure that no detail was left unheeded.

Located in the centre of Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, Aman Sveti Stefan incorporates two kilometres of coastline including the pink sandy beaches of Sveti Stefan, Miločer Beach and the renowned Queen’s Beach. The island itself measures 12,400 square metres. While its historic exterior remains largely unchanged, the luxury resort’s interiors have been restored and updated to meet contemporary expectations. Aman Sveti Stefan already offers Villa Miločer’s six suites, two one-bedroom Queen Marija Suites on the Villa’s grounds. The island’s 50 guest cottages and suites will unveil themselves in stages, welcoming the first guests this July.

In addition to Villa Miločer’s dining venues, the Aman Sveti Stefan has welcomed three new restaurants for an ample selection of dining venues for every occasion. The island of Sveti Stefan will also offer spa treatment suites featuring a range of signature Aman Spa therapies. Further afield, Aman Sveti Stefan provides guests with personalised guided excursions to natural and cultural attractions in the area – both along the Montenegrin coast and into the spectacular interior of the country.


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