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Book for a Vacation at Amanfayun

Amanfayun is a luxury resort that is established within a concealed and beautiful valley in Hangzhou. This contains about 47 accommodations that may be used by many guests. These hotel suites are definitely remarkable since most were actually built about 100 years ago.

The resort is set in a place where there is vast woodland and a number of tea fields. Moreover, the retreat is surrounded by the historical Chinese towns allowing the guests to learn more about the traditions of the said area. And, most importantly, five of the most important Buddhist temples border the luxury resort thus making Amanfayun the perfect place for a pilgrimage.

The Amanfayun resort is very much private but it will only take about 20 minutes of drive along the streets with trees and bamboos to reach the heart of the lively Hangzhou city. This city is considered to be the most wonderful city in China. And, according to Marco Polo, Hangzhou is deemed to be the “city of heaven”. People came up with this description due to the peaceful West Lake, the Buddhist temples, pagodas, wetlands, and the botanical gardens.

As for dining, Hangzhou holds a restaurant, which is built near the Lingyin Temple, and it serves mostly genuine temple foods. The conventional Buddhist food or temple food excludes foul-smelling vegetables, meat, alcohol, and seafood. According to the believers of this religion, the foods presented in temples should be nutritious enough that it can improve the physical and mental well-being of an individual. Furthermore, each of the temple dishes must correspond to the values of the religion of Buddhism.

Some of the foods presented in the restaurant in Amanfayun are gravy noodles that have a day lily and fungus, tofu soup, chrysanthemum, truffle, bamboo fungus in mustard, and wax gourd steamed along with lotus seeds. The vegetables utilized in cooking the dishes are actually harvested from the Vegetarian House as well as in the land within the Buddhist Academy.

For those who are interested in spending a vacation in this private resort of 47 lodgings with stone-made patios then they must keep in mind that a night of stay in an Amanfayun room has a price of £395 or 650 US dollars. This is probably a very affordable price for a peaceful wellness retreat in a place that has the spirit of the customary towns in China.


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