Discover the New Ballyfin Resort in Ireland

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Discover the New Ballyfin Resort in Ireland

Ballyfin Resort is a new resort that opened in Portlaois, which is the heart of the country of Ireland. After a series of renovation, the resort started to accept visitors on May 1, 2011. This hottest resort is very much accessible that it will only take as short as a 15-minute ride from the airport of Dublin.

Ballyfin is a resort, which is established at the base that of Slieve Bloom Mountains. This can accommodate just the right amount of guests as it has 15 well-equipped rooms as well as two luxurious suites.

The resort was first a Regency mansion that was built within a 600-acre parkland. The place sure is very ancient as it oozes with the history of Island. Guests will surely be able to enjoy their stay in this resort given that it has grottoes, follies, lake, and prehistoric forest. The mansion was able to retain the air of history even though it has been refurbished during the past 10 years or so.

The lodging in this resort is designed based on the traditional country house of Ireland. Every room is exclusively created in such a way that the guests will have a good view.

There are two views that can be enjoyed by the visitors depending on the position of their room. One room allows guests to view the gardens and water cascades. On the other hand, there are rooms that let the people relax while observing the magnificent view of the lake.

Various features may be taken advantage of by guests while in the Ballyfin resort. Some of these are the wine and whiskey tastings, boating, cycling, fishing, falconry, clay pigeon shooting, gym, spa, and the indoor pool.

Guests who want to have a short vacation or spend a quality time with their families may visit the Ballyfin resort. Furthermore, the resort may also be used for company parties and other special occasions.


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