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Experience Premchit Wellness Packages in South Thailand

Experience | Premchit is a Thailand-based natural wellness program based in a variety of top luxury resorts. Experience Premchit spa retreats offers relaxation from the stress of the everyday life. In this retreat, the guests will be able to take pleasure in the different natural therapies that are deemed to be helpful in relieving chronic body illnesses.

Premchit promotes the idea of “eating real food in a natural way” wherein the guests will be able to have a healthy life by taking in the right kinds of foods. And, one of the most popular therapies from this wellness retreat is the “Ambrosia Therapy”.

According to Premchit, this is the best therapy that can be pretty much enjoyed by the guests of the retreat. Through this therapy, the people will be able to take advantage of the health benefits and delicious tastes of the different species of Ambrosia such as the plant, algae, fungi, and bacteria.

There is also the “Breath Therapy” in which the participants will be taught regarding the significance of the breathing mechanism to one’s body. The guests will also learn the process of breathing that can truly improve the health of the body. Plus, the right and wrong habits in breathing as well as the method of attentive respiration will be taught to the partakers.

The “Elixir Therapy” and the individuals will be able to try out the various organic elixirs prepared specifically for this activity. Moreover, five different elixirs are created for five special purposes and these are the: eye elixirs, scent elixirs, facial elixirs, cleansing elixirs, and body elixirs.

Meditation Therapy”, on the other hand, will help the people discover the origin of meditation, the advantages of performing such activity, and the process of meditation itself. Furthermore, the people will be able to enjoy the inspirational music, which is unique to this retreat, while meditating.

Paresa Spa Retreat - Experience Premchit Wellness PackagesGuests will also be able to find more about the “Movement Therapy” and how it can help in developing a person’s health into a better one. It is best for individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, obesity, and cardiovascular and metabolic problems.

Music Therapy” is ideal for those who are able to relax through melodious sounds. Based on studies, there are specific types of music that can promote wellness in people.

Lastly, Premchit offers the “Scent Therapy” and this makes use of different soothing aroma during meditations. The company believes that their all-natural scents can improve the health of the participants and these also boost the wellness that can be experienced while in the resort.


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