Hayman Residences offers new Oceanfront Villas for Sale

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Opening New Investment Opportunities with Hayman Residences

Hayman is living up to its reputation as Australia‘s finest island luxury resort by setting up an exclusive selection of widely acclaimed properties for sale for the very first time. The reason behind this mostly roots from the efforts of Hayman owner Mulpha Australia Limited to expand its company with ongoing strategic investments.

These real estates serve as representatives the first private ownership opportunities ever present at the Hayman company. The firm is setting up a staged roll-out of premier and luxurious Hayman Marina Residences and Hayman Private Residences that compose a promising period of reinvestment for the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef tourist hotspot.

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The Managing Director of Hayman and the head of Hotel Investment for Mulpha Australia Limited, Lloyd Donaldson, confesses that the decision to provide world-class residential real estate on the island was because of the company’s long-established intention of catering to the interests of the island’s most frequent tourists, visitors, and vacationers.

Located on the eastern hillside of the island that’s filled with the most mesmerizing of Great Barrier Reef panoramas, the Hayman Private Residences are some of the best and most promising pieces of real estate anyone can ever get at this location. Every one of the private residences located on raised oceanfront villa sites with three- and four-bedroom vacation homes that are five hundred to seven hundred fifty square meters each. Moreover, Mulpha Australia is also excited about the pre-release of over half a dozen Hayman Marina Residences to a scant few Hayman customers.

The current availability of the Hayman Marina Residences and Hayman Private Residences embodies a momentous part of the island’s strategic and financial plans, which in turn will determine the success of the resort in the coming years.

Quite a lot of people around the world want a piece of Hayman paradise, so it’s only natural that the prices for these pieces of realty are reaching the highest ever for a private island in Australia. These beach villas will surely bring forth a new standard of Australia luxury resort luxury that mainly concentrates on seclusion, exclusivity, and privacy that has long been considered the Hayman brand’s trademark.


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