Lefay Resort & Spa Receives a Green Globe Certification

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Lefay Resort & Spa Receives a Green Globe Certification

Green Globe, which is established in Los Angeles, California, is known as the leading social and environmental group that gives certification concerning the division of tourism. Just recently, the acclaimed Green Globe gives their certification to the very first Southern European luxury resort to receive such kind of recognition, which is the Lefay Resort & Spa.

The Lefay Resort & Spa believes that in order for a person to be healthy, he or she needs to be one with his or her surroundings. With this in mind, the luxury spa resort decided to create a kind of environment that can be taken advantage of by their guests. Plus, they made sure that the design of their structures will provide peace and relaxation. Furthermore, the resort utilized renewable energy sources, environment-friendly materials, and the “bio-architecture” for the purpose of lessening the damage to the nature.

According to Liliana Leali, the chairman of the Lefay Resorts & Spa, the main goal of their company is to protect the nature. Their group wishes to prevent negative effects to the environment, which may be brought about by their business activity. They also integrate the Lefay Resorts & Spa’s environmental responsibility and social accountability in building and operating this destination spot.

There is an array of sources of renewable energy used by the Lefay Resort & Spa. About 93 percent of the thermal energy, which is considerably a large portion, is utilized for the hot water, swimming pools, and heating. On the other hand, about 75 percent of the energy is wasted on the equipments that are used in lowering the temperature of the place. Meanwhile, 75 percent of the thermal energy is utilized for decontamination of the air in a certain area. Lastly, with the 100 percent of the electricity that is generated, about 60 percent of it is internally manufactured.

The result of Lefay’s efforts is considered to be a success since they have decreased their production of carbon dioxide to about 1,130 tons per year. Utilization of the renewable energy as well as the advanced methods is truly useful in protecting the environment.

Aside from the Green Globe certification, Lefay Resort & Spa also received the ISO 14001 environmental certification in the year 2009. This acknowledgement was presented to the resort in response to the company’s dedication to safeguard the nature by producing architectural designs that are environmentally-safe.


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