French Polynesia Marlon Brando Resort Underway in 2011

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The Brando Resort Tetiaroa In Construction

Located on the French Polynesian island of Tetiaroa in the Windward Islands and a product of the late Marlon Brando’s vision, construction on The Brando is progressing steadily with completion slated for late 2012. Pacific Beachcomber, S.C., developer of the highly anticipated luxury resort, is proud to report a number of updates.

The exclusive resort will be the only hotel on Tetiaroa, the former playground of Tahitian Kings in French Polynesia’s idyllic islands. Purchased by Marlon Brando in 1965, Tetiaroa is a 13-island chain circled by a coral reef offering a tranquil and pure paradise 35 miles from the island of Tahiti. The Brando is a product of Brando’s vision to create a project which will resonate with visitors and also foster opportunities for guests to get to know both the place and the people of French Polynesia.

The Brando will feature: 47 deluxe bungalow villas (each with private plunge pools), a spa, fitness center, community pool, as well as various island activities including scuba diving and archaeological tours of royal Tahitian sites.

Sustainability remains at the forefront of construction efforts and progress. Pacific Beachcomber remains committed to the goal of attaining LEED Platinum certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Pacific Beachcomber hopes to make Tetiaroa a prototype for sustainable development in the hospitality industry.

In striving to achieve carbon neutrality, The Brando will produce as much energy as it consumes—or more. The two principal renewable energies that will be used on the island include solar panels and bio-fuel generators. The photovoltaic (solar) panels will be installed alongside Pacific Beachcomber’s new airstrip, which was completed in May 2010. The balance of the energy demand will be sourced using bio-fuel.

Pacific Beachcomber is proud to announce its participation as a founding member of the newly created non-profit, “Tetiaroa Society.” Tetiaroa Society is dedicated to research, conservation and education related to the unique and delicate ecology of the island. The non-profit’s goal is to create a scientific and educational window into the biodiversity of Tetiaroa, and raise public awareness regarding its fragile ecology. Tetiaroa Society is named after The Royal Society of London which financed James Cook’s first expedition to the islands. One of Captain Cook’s objectives on this voyage was to observe the transit of Venus. He made his observation from Tahiti and named that island group the “Society Islands” after the Royal Society.

The Brando will also offer a real estate component, selling 25 residences located on the Eastern shore of Motu Onetahi. Further details will be announced in 2011.


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