Narada Resort & Spa Launched in China

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Narada Resort & Spa Launched in China

If you are in need of a break from all the strains life is giving you right now then you should visit Narada Resort & Spa Perfume Bay, which is located between the Hainan South China shore and Nuiling Mountain. This is probably one of the most ideal places that will let you find peace and splendor in one package while escaping the reality even for a short moment.

Narada Resort & Spa Perfume Bay is a destination spot, which is concealed from the majority of the public, operating as a venue for business meetings, simple romantic vacations, honeymoons, family gatherings, or friendly beach escapades. This place is composed of a conference gazebo that is perfect for formal meals, seminars, team-building activities, and other special occasions.

This luxury resort is best for people who want to refresh their body, soul, and mind as it has a tea-themed spa that provides holistic care for individuals. Without human interventions, the guests will surely find internal healing through the breathtaking sceneries, clean air, and a fair weather is guaranteed all-year-round. Lastly, Narada gives total relaxation as tourists can rent a luxury villa of their choice and this comes with tailored services.

Tourists will surely find enjoyment while staying in this extravagant beach resort of about 64,000 sq. meters in size. Apart from the services that can be offered by the wellness spa, there are swimming pools and blossoming garden that can give the guests a calming retreat.

There are about 96 different cabins to choose from and each has its own outsized swimming pool established in the beautiful gardens. The villas are created uniquely wherein some have hot spring bubble baths while some have Jacuzzis in the privacy of their gardens.

The rooms of these luxury villas are as large as 68 sq. meters and are embellished in a Hainan tropical way. The beds that are distributed in each of the rooms are definitely comfortable to rest in and there are additional hotel features that can bring leisure like the iPods and iPads.

If the tourists want to leave the serenity of their rented homes then they may also take advantage of the resort’s abundant recreational options like the fitness amenities and personalized courses that include yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi. They can also undergo other kinds of treatments provided by the professional therapists such as massage, exfoliation, and nourishment.

Travelers will surely enjoy savoring Hangzhou’s cookery and other modern western foods that are cooked with the use of the freshest Chinese ingredients. There Is the Lotus, which is a Chinese restaurant that serves Hangzhou cuisine and other seafood dishes prepared by highly-skilled chefs. They may also visit the Tiffany Restaurant, a bistro that presents current western cookery while using traditional Chinese items.


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