Pantai Lima is a Top Beach Wedding Venue in Bali

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Discover the Popular Beach Wedding Venue in Bali

Specialists in identifying the attractive destinations for beachside wedding ceremonies have recently declared that the extravagant lodge along the West Coast of Bali, Pantai Lima, is the most excellent among all the others in Bali. This luxury villa estate might be new in this business for it has been operating for three years but it has been able to carry out at least 50 marriage ceremonies for a very short period of time.

According to Mathias Echene, one of the Pantai Lima possessors, most of their clients are the young ones and movie artists who have encountered their advertisements in certain fashion magazines published in America, Europe, and Asia. He also stated that their magnificent holiday home has a distinctive kind of atmosphere that is not present in other parts of Bali. Furthermore, they have a way of creating a modern Western ambiance while maintaining the tranquility to which Bali is generally known for.

Pantai Lima is established along the beachfront of Pererenan, which is an untouched fishing district in the island of Bali. The place where the private villa has been built is highly strategic since a quick drive towards the north will bring the tourists to the boutiques and bistros of the island.

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Bali’s Pantai Lima has three extravagant cabins known as Ambra, Mary, and Melissa and each are decorated in a very unique way making them vary in style. These villas, however, also have common qualities such as the extent of privacy and beauty. Furthermore, every one of the cottages is fixed with swimming pools and lush gardens.

The beach villas are undeniably roomy thus allowing a wedding ceremony to take place while about 60 guests can be accommodated. Also, about 300 individuals may benefit from the champagne, canapés, and cocktails. Meanwhile, the land of Villa Mary is quite large that around 250 individuals may be catered for a dinner reception.

Echene added that one of the major points that gave them their good reputation is the delicious food that they serve in this luxury villa. Assorted cookeries, which are presented to guests by the French executive chef Sebastien Robuchon and his chef team, include the following: Indonesian food, nouvelle cuisine, and French cookery.

Bad weather can totally mess up a very special occasion like a wedding but Pantai Lima makes sure that ceremonies will push through, rain or shine. This is due to the 250-square-meter meeting room in the manor, which is normally utilized for business purposes. This hall may be used as a substitute in case of occurrence of storms.


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