Per Aquum Niyama Resort Launch in October 2011

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Per AQUUM’s NIYAMA to be Launched on October 2011

Just recently, Per Aquum announced the grand opening of the latest portion of their luxury hotel portfolio, the Maldives luxury resort Niyama and it will start operating on October 2011. This contemporary luxury resort will surely provide tourists with a romantic getaway that is accompanied by enjoyment and calmness all at the same time.

Niyama is near Male and it only takes about 40 minutes by seaplane flight to reach the luxury resort. Its exact location is in Dhaalu’s South Western Atoll and is found among the islands of Olhuveli and Embudhufushi.

According to Per Aquum’s CEO, Neil Palmer, their company gave so much effort in order to establish a wonderful resort such as Niyama. And, they are proud to say that with the use of the creative designs of Per Aquum, they were able to maximize the potentials of the two attractive islands.

Niyama is a perfect representation of the traditional Maldivian style with a touch of modernization and loads of vivacity. This newest destination spot will surely attract many leisure travelers since this resort will be the very first to introduce a music club that is built underwater.

Niyama will definitely offer grand accommodation that can receive all the guests who will take interest in this resort. Based on the plan, the beach resort will have 86 gazebos and studios that can be enjoyed by the travelers. Some of the lodgings in this resort are the Beach Studios, Deluxe Beach Studios, Beach Pavilions, and The Beach Residence. Of course, each of these quarters have unique features like for example, the Beach Pavilions have 24-hour butler service while the Deluxe Beach Studios have swimming pools with a fiber optic light.

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An extreme epicurean experience is promised with Niyama’s scrumptious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Moreover, there are other restaurants where guests can enjoy the exclusive Maldivian cookery and one of which is the Fahrenheit. There is also the Tribal restaurant, which serves foods that are unique in regions such as Middle East, Asia, South and East Africa, and South America.

Guests who are looking for the ultimate relaxation must check out Niyama’s Lime Spa, which is the first spa in the country of Maldives that is open for 24 hours. Various styles of treatments from all over the world will be used by this spa so as to give the clients the best form of service.

The height of entertainment in this resort will also be unimaginable with the presence of remote control boats, game consoles like the Nintendo Wii, water sports, and arts studios. Niyama is also bound to offer “Diversions and Journeys” which is simply a collection of interaction drives that everyone can enjoy.


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