Spiritual Wellness at the Castello di Vicarello Yoga Retreat

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Achieve Spiritual Harmony at the Castello di Vicarello Yoga Retreat

Castello di Vicarello has been offering the ancient self-improvement wellness therapies of meditation and yoga since the twelfth century, so guests at this exclusive little destination should be aware that they’re dealing with centuries-old expertise here; the yoga-based offers by this place are genuinely helpful and steeped with tradition.

Having a Tuscany castle, the surrounding rolling hills, and a breathtaking ocean as your primary panoramas have certain perks when doing yoga; for example, your salutations to the sun will have an added sense of grandeur thanks to the wonderful scenery. Being in a place full of history also provides gravitas and inspiration to even the most mundane of activities as well. This year, Vicarello is offering Kundalini yoga to guests too as an added feature of sorts.

Castelo di Vicarello provides schedules meditation and yoga sessions regularly—in fact, it’s done four times daily. What’s more, the guests have the choice of doing these classes anywhere in the resort, since there are over seven suites found in this five-star luxury retreat of sorts. That’s not all, though; the resort also boasts of a peaceful spa within a relaxation room that offers glass doors that open to breathtaking views as well as a massage, steam, and sauna room that provides Ayurvedic treatments. Meanwhile, the India-born Dr. Vinod Kumar is always available to share his wisdom to Vicarello’s guests for he is a yoga master extraordinaire from Kerala as well. Dr. Kumar is filled with knowledge and experiences from the east, particularly in the fields of Sai-Baba-brand meditative practices.

Achieve Spiritual Harmony at the Castello di Vicarello Yoga Retreat In order to maintain its tradition of approaching meditation in a spiritual manner, Vicarello eschews charging for their scheduled yoga classes; the staff and crew instead asks contributions of about thirty euros per individual. Also, even though regular yoga students would love this type of retreat, yoga novices need not fret. After all, Vicarello‘s daily program of Hatha Yoga is perfect for beginners yet comprehensive enough to keep even experienced yoga students on their toes. It includes Pranayama and Yogasana yoga that helps improve everyone’s spiritual energy and physical dexterity. Meanwhile, Yoga Nidra is available in order to balance out stress or emotional turmoil.

Dr. Kumar also offers private sessions in order to talk about any ailments you’re suffering from, while the Sun Salutation exists in order to help you generate “Prana” (the force of energy that sustains life in your physical form). As for the more advanced yoga enthusiasts out there, the good doctor will introduce Kundalini Yoga for 2011, which is a more concentrated way of practicing yoga that requires at least a whole week of daily personal classes. The organic lifestyle of Castello di Vicarello is something quite wonderful to behold.


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