Australian Northern Territory’s New Wildman Wilderness Lodge

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The Australian Northern Territory's New Wildman Wilderness Lodge

The Wildman Wilderness Lodge is now prepared to open its doors in April 2011 and become Australia Northern Territory‘s new wilderness retreat par excellence. It’s situated at the banks of the Mary River, halfway between the dual World-Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park and Darwin, and it offers stylish new accommodations that epitomize the very best of Australia to its tourists.

More to the point, it’s a central hub for any and all premium-grade Australian wildlife experiences and it’s a combination of natural beauty and man’s ingenuity rolled into one. This brand-new property includes ten habitats (cabins) that offer over fifteen luxury safari tents and durable fixed structures, which enables guests from all over the globe to feel right at home yet close to the exotic beauty of Mother Nature herself.

The safari lodge also caters to families care of its five safari tents that include additional beds as well. One other thing of note is the fact that there’s a central, open-plan lodge that offers wonderful per-season Australian food in the soothing cafeteria of sorts as well as the chance to kickback in the lounge bar for some air-conditioned relaxation with friends or family.

Meanwhile, the guest and lodge accommodations themselves have been developed and structured to offer majestic wetland views, billabongs, and seasonal floodplains that epitomize perfect biodiversity thanks to its abundance of avian, mammalian, reptilian, and many other animal species. If you want an up-close-and-personal look at Mother Nature in full regalia, then a stay at the Wildman Wilderness Lodge is a must.

A walking tour of the nearby wetlands, the sunrise billabong cruise, and the barramundi fishing safari or a whole day’s tour of Kakadu are just some of the ways that this lodge can guarantee that all the guests are catered for and all their respective tastes and preferences are indulged in more ways than one. Guests who are passionate with photography or loves doing treks can ask the desk for a special interest program that’s tailor-made to suit their particular requirements, whether it be a photographic adventure or an exciting bout of bush walking. Just remember that the opening promo that celebrates the launch of this luxury safari lodge is only available until November 30, 2011.

There are a variety of packages available, which ranges from the Three Night Wildman Kakadu Adventure to the Two Night Wildman Escape. Truth be told, this lodge serves as the end result of many years of experience and research in what exactly tourists want when having an Australian vacation. To be more specific, it’s a safari lodge that represents Australia in the best possible light, such that tourists and travelers can fall in love with the unfettered splendor and quiet dignity of the Northern Australian outback.


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