Explore Selous Safari Camp and See the Rare Black Rhinos

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Explore Selous Safari Camp and See the Rare Black Rhinos

Just recently, there had been statements that the infamous Black Rhinoceros was seen in the Selous Game Reserve found in the country of Tanzania. With this in thought, it has been concluded that the “Big Five” may also be sighted in the same game reserve.

According to The Selous Safari Company’s general manager, Daniel Draisey, their group is very much grateful that such beautiful animals are seen near the Selous Safari Camp. The company knows very well that such kinds of species are extremely rare nowadays. Plus, it has already been a year or so when these animals were last seen.

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But surprisingly, there were people who caught a glimpse of these creatures during the previous months. As a matter of fact, two of the Black Rhinoceros were noticed in the Selous Game Reserve as they travel down the Beho Beho Hills.

The Selous Safari Camp offers about 13 extravagant tents and each gives spectacular views plus a quality kind of privacy while enjoying the stay within the Selous Game Reserve. Unbeknownst to many, the Selous Game Reserve is considered to be the biggest game reserve in the African continent. Moreover, a large portion of the wildlife as well as the birdlife in Africa are seen in this particular area. And, the bigger population of the large creatures and about half of the number of elephants in Tanzania are also found in Selous.

Furthermore, the tourists may enjoy the game drive activities while riding the company’s 4×4 Land Rovers. They may take advantage of the boat safaris as they wade through the very much impressive Rufiji River of the Selous Safari Camp. This will allow the guests to view the animals at a shorter distance and they may view the biggest group of African hippo and crocodile, too.

On June 1, 2011, people may start visiting Tanzania for this year’s safari season. As offered by Tanzania Odyssey, tourists may already enjoy five nights of stay at the Selous Safari Camp for as low as £2,600 per individual.

Guests may benefit from this offering during the month of June. And, the given price will already cover the plane flights from Heathrow, lodging, transport service, and game viewing drives via 4×4 Land Rovers. Lastly, with this affordable price, people may take advantage of park and the concession as well.


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