Explore the Zambia Safari with Wilderness Safaris

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Explore the Zambia Safari with Wilderness Safaris

Wilderness Safaris is offering various packages that will surely leave the adventure enthusiasts seeking for more. Through this company, travelers will get a chance to do quad biking all the way through the Namibian Desert, explore safari while riding a mountain bike, discover the Black Rhino in the desert, travel around South Luangwa by foot, and sail along the Zambezi River while riding a canoe.

Together with Wilderness Explorations, the sister company of Wilderness Safaris, tourists will be given a chance to experience exhilarating escapades and luxury through the proposed activities. Furthermore, the tourists will also be given a chance to choose from an array of the safari programs and camps as arranged by the company.

One of the tours offered by the company is the Great Namibian Journey. In this exploration, tourists will be able to observe the wildlife in Damaraland. This is a safari tour that goes for as long as 12 nights and this costs £5,390 per individual. The fee already comprises of the plane ticket to Windhoek through Frankfurt.

Wilderness Safaris also offers the Kalamu Walking Trail Package. Through this, the travelers will be able to witness and experience the excitement by exploring Luangwa. The tour will run for four nights and each person will have to pay £1,750. The package includes the payment for the plane ticket from Lusaka to Kalamu.

Moreover, an 8-night Divers Namibia holiday is being promoted by Wilderness Safaris. The guests will be taken to the most private camp of the company, which is the Serra Cafema. They will surely enjoy the activities in this place such a quad bike explorations that will allow the tourists to see the real beauty of Namibia.

The charge for this safari tour is £5,090 for each individual and this comprises of the plane ticket that will bring the clients from Frankfurt to Windhoek, domestic flights, and transport services. Lastly, there will be no extra payment for a night of stay at Serra camp, meals, and the biking activities within the camp.


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