Sanctuary Lodges & Camps’ African Safari Camp Adventure

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Sanctuary Lodges & Camps' African Safari Camp Adventure

The Sanctuary Zebra Plains is basically Sanctuary Lodges & Camps‘ premier luxury walking safari camp, and it opens at June 1, 2011. What’s more, you can book the ultimate walking safari experience you can ever get by availing of the promo wherein you’ll get to stay at Zambia‘s Sanctuary Zebra Plains in South Luangwa while saving up to eight hundred dollars because you’ll be paying half-price!

To be true, the Sanctuary Lodges & Camps is an expert when it comes to capturing the heart and soul of an African safari adventure and keeping its guests on the edge of their seats in terms of wildlife expeditions and exciting pursuits within the African continent.

Sanctuary Zebra Plains is in many ways the epitome of paradise on earth because it represents the beauty of nature during a time when man wasn’t exposed to its inherent dangers and cruelties. Arriving at this specialized African safari camp is like a dream come true, such that you can get to experience firsthand an exclusive bush adventure by foot without sacrificing your comfort or service. The guides featured in this tour are particularly experienced in providing guests an educational and spiritual journey they won’t soon forget. Among the most highly respected of the company’s guides is Garth Hovell; he has over twenty years of guide know-how, and he typically leads walks twice every day.

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If you want to truly undergo the very best that Africa can offer tourists from all over the globe, then Sanctuary Lodges & CampsSanctuary Zebra Plains and its myriad of benefits and perks are the only things you can truly depend on; to be true, this particular company is the most reliable and world-renowned destination vacation provider you can ever have when it comes to setting up camp in the most gorgeous and unspoiled areas of Africa. If you want to come face-to-face with the majestic beauty of Mother Nature and the great outdoors, then Sanctuary Lodges & Camps is the only logical choice.

After all, this company does feature helpful services and facilities such as sanctuary retreats, expert guides, individual properties, and luxuries that make your expedition a lot more entertaining than grueling. The company provides the perks of a vacation and the sense of wonder of a safari; the best of both worlds, if you will. The thrill of a walking safari will leave you bedazzled, bewildered, and bewitched ways you never dreamed possible. If you weren’t a nature lover before, you will soon be once you’ve tasted the natural safari high of a Sanctuary Zebra Plains adventure. You’ll be like a predator on the prowl, looking forward for the thrill of the hunt and the rewards of success.


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