Photography in Southern Tanzania’s Selous Safari Camp

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Photography in Southern Tanzanias Selous Safari Camp

According to Jenny Hartee, a well-known artist and the Camp Manager of Selous Safari Camp, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And, she looks forward to the unique pictures that will be taken by the other wildlife photographers while in the camp. Hartee believes that the wonderful features of this camp such as the ancient sceneries, the Selous Game Reserve, and the animals that are already in danger of extinction will all help in creating an unforgettable picture.

The British artist Hartee is very much willing to help the other people in her line-of-work in order to create an epic photo. She is eager to give advices on how the other photographers can take a beautiful picture with the use of the right lenses, lighting, and camera setting.

Jenny Hartee’s adoration of the wildlife may be observed on her dedication and teachings. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of instances wherein she had become listed as a semi-finalist in the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” awarding. Furthermore, in her exploration of Africa for over 25 years, she was able to create pencil portraits of the scenes that she was able to take using a camera.

The Selous Camp Manager has a lot of photography tips and one of which is that a photographer must be in the same level as his or her subject in order to get a stunning shot. Moreover, the budding artists must not only look ahead since better subjects are usually found on the sides or at the back. Abstract close-ups are greatly appreciated since this type of photo is considered to be more distinctive compared to other types.

Wildlife photography in Selous is probably one of the promotions used for the camp but in reality, it is the features of the safari camp that makes the place popular. Tourists are accompanied by trained guides as they drive through the land via safari mobile. During the rides, the guests will be able to see the rare animals such as the elephant, lion, buffalo, crocodile, zebra, hippo, and the different species of a bird.

Furthermore, the company also offers game drives via a four-wheel drive vehicles. This allows the guests to view the animals up close. Other activities such as overnight bush camping, walking safaris, and boat safaris may also be enjoyed by the guests.

The Selous Safari Camp does not have a given border since it is not fenced unlike other properties. The camp has 13 tents in total and each has a balcony that gives stunning views of the nearby lake.


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