Ulusaba Helps To Raise Money For Charity During ‘Arbor Month’

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Ulusaba Lodge in South Africa

At Ulusaba, Sir Richard Branson‘s private game reserve in South Africa, the guest experience goes beyond the adventures of the bush and into the lives of the surrounding communities as it joins forces with Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA) to celebrate Arbor Month for the entire month of September 2010. Guests are invited to plant a tree and give back to the wonderful community surrounding Ulusaba.

In efforts to further enrich a guest’s experience and in line with their commitment to social responsibility, Pride ‘n Purpose, Ulusaba‘s charitable arm, will invite guests staying during September to buy and help plant 400 shade and fruit trees in households located within the local village of Dumphries.

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Plant a Tree and Give Back

Last year was very successful, with fundraising totalling ZAR35,000 and the target of planting over 400 trees achieved. Guests will be able to get their hands dirty by helping to plant a tree themselves! Each guest will be asked to pay ZAR450 which includes the community tour as well as the purchase and planting of a tree. Once a tree has been planted, Ulusaba will happily update those involved on the progress of the tree and the family. If there isn’t time to plant a tree, one can be planted on a guest’s behalf for only ZAR100.

On the 14th September the Pride ‘n Purpose team will plant trees at their food gardens at the Orphaned and Vulnerable children’s home and on the 15th September they will visit the Bhubezi clinic to plant some shade and fruit trees where the local ladies have set up their own food gardens. The fruit trees will add value to their gardens as well as some much needed shade from the hot African sun!

The goal for Arbor month is to improve the quality of life and create sustainable settlements by giving low-income communities fruit or indigenous trees to plant at their homes in South Africa. Trees still supply the basic elements of life – oxygen, water vapour, food, shelter and fuel and are an efficient way to offset carbon emissions which contribute to global warming. FTFA have set up a programme called Permaculture Starter Pack (PSP), which provides local families with garden tools, vegetable and herb seeds which allows them to develop and maintain a basic and functional food garden for their future.


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