Club Méditerranée Introduces New Ski Chalets in Valmorel

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Club Méditerranée Introduces New Properties in Valmorel

Club Méditerranée, which has been established in 1950, is now presenting brand new and exclusive properties in the Savoie ski resort. This is apparently a perfect property since it is a type of ski luxury chalets that can be used both as a source of enjoyment and profit by means of an investment.

There are three different types of vacation rentals presented by Club Méditerranée and these are the apartments with 2, 3, and 4 rooms which are either in a duplex or triplex design. The size of the units ranges from 83 to 194 sq. meters and the price starts from €529,000 to €1,243,000.

The features of these extravagant luxury rentals include: sitting room with a fireplace, a kitchen, personal ski storeroom, and a balcony. Furthermore, the cottages are guaranteed to be technologically advanced with Wi-Fi connection and other modern gadgets.

The said ski lodges are may be utilized by the potential landlords for 3 long weeks per year. The Club Med will then take care of the cabin for the rest of the year and make sure that rentals and maintenance of the property are well facilitated. Furthermore, this particular real estate will be included in the company’s Trident promo thus guaranteeing income to the owners as well as one-of-a-kind vacation to the lodgers.

Of course, a different kind of excitement is ascertained since the cabins are situated among the mountains, which is a unique trait for a real estate. A lot of things are to be watched out for since there are pleasurable activities that will be presented once Valmorel’s 4-trident resort and 5-trident luxury lodging begins its operation.

It is also true that both the owners and the tenants of the apartments will benefit from the luxury resort. The landowners will get the upper hand since they can use the facilities of the resort for free through the “Privilege Liberty” promo. Some of the features in Club Med’s All-Inclusive Offer, which can be taken advantage of by the landlords, are the following: childcare service, catering, and several sports.


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