The World’s Best Spots for Heli-skiing Vacations

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heliskiing vacations around the world

Heli-skiing is a type of skiing that started to become popular during the early 60′s.  It became famous among ski enthusiasts as it gives one-of-a-kind downward skiing experience.

Everyone who’s interested in heli-skiing deserved to know the best places to experience this spectacular endeavor. On that note, let’s cut to the chase and offer just some of the most highly recommended heli-skiing locations and heli-skiing tips in the entire globe.

The number of skiers that can enjoy heli-skiing depends on the quantity and type of aircrafts being used. Of course, larger helicopters can bring as many as 12 individuals while the smaller ones can only carry as little as 4 guests.


aspen heliskiAspen has over four terrific mountains to heliski on—Snowmass, Buttermilk, the Aspen Highlands, and Aspen Mountain. Going into any of these places will guarantee you one of the most unforgettable heli-skiing vacations you’ll ever have. This particular region is best known for its steep, bump runs and its exclusivity to only the most experienced of all heli-skiers.

Novices are better off looking for another mountain because of the advanced heli-skiing skills needed in order to fully enjoy this area’s groomed, intermediate cruising runs, multiple trails, and hundreds of acres of snow-filled land that are open to snowboarders.

Contact us to organize an unforgettable heliskiing trip in Colorado, or rent a luxury chalet in Aspen.



Whistler Heliskiing TripsCanada’s Whistler is the perfect place for your heli-skiing holidays or travels because of its four-hundred-thousand-plus acres of snowboarding or heliskiing territory. If you want to transform your heliskiing holiday into a worthwhile endeavor that gives you the best that the heli-skiing winter sport has to offer, then having an adventure at Whistler is one of the few options that make sense.

Enjoy the abundant powdered snow, vast wilderness, and glacial climate of this British Columbia heli-skiing tourist spot.

See all our Canada Heliskiing Trips. Your next Heliski holidays start here!



Tailor-Made Heliski Trip in VerbierThis location is Switzerland’s pride and joy in terms of heliskiing excellence. Verbier is one of the—in lieu of a more appropriate term—heli-skiing “hotspots” in Switzerland, and Switzerland is in turn one of the few places in Europe where you can get some of the best heliskiing experiences ever.

This region offers thousands of acres of fresh snow to plow through in a wild ride that defies words or exultations. In fact, Verbier is a good candidate for the ultimate heli-skiing and heli-boarding destination on the planet.

Want to Heliski in Verbier? Check what we could propose you by contacting the Paradizo Travel Concierge Team.



alps-heliskiHere’s another popular heli-skiing place. Having a heli-skiing vacation by itself is a pretty good deal because you can come and go to the mountain for some quality skiing or snowboarding time as you please.

Add to that the fact that you’re heli-skiing into the magnificent Alps—one of the most grandiose places on earth—and you’re off to a good start on getting the thrill of a lifetime in the truest sense of the term. The vacation packages at this popular heliskiing place are lavish and well-appointed as well.

The best way too start planning your heliski holidays in the Alps, might be selecting a top luxury chalet in France



new-zealand-heliskiThis particular heliskiing spot’s claim to fame mostly roots from the fact that it allows winter vacationers maximum freedom when it comes to chasing the definitive alpine adventure. The scenery and trails found in New Zealand are both wild and beautiful.

Furthermore, the mostly untouched and dignified alpine terrain will certainly provide your eventual snow-slicing activities with a picturesque quality and an effervescent atmosphere.


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