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Benefit from the Discounted Room Rates at Rasananda Resort & Spa

Koh Phangan Island is deemed to be a sanctuary for people who are in the process of rediscovering themselves. And, it is in Rasananda Resort & Spa, which is set along the beautiful seaside of the tropical island, where one can truly have his or her peaceful retreat.

Rasananda is modern in style but it still emanates with the original Thai feeling. And, this is a perfect destination spot for couples who want a memorable vacation in one of the best destination spots in the tropical region.

The Rasananda Resort & Spa is very much popular for its natural beauty. As a matter of fact, tourists truly enjoy spending a vacation in this place since they are able to rest under the shade of the palm trees and take in the freshness of the ocean breeze. Moreover, more travelers visit this resort due to the beautiful view of the sunrise as well as the tailored services offered by the company.

As of the present, Rasananda Resort & Spa has an ongoing promo that is valid until July 15, 2011. And, it is during this period when guests can spend their vacation while taking advantage of the limited offer.

Based on the conditions of the promo, there is a 20% off on the room rates of the following: Thai Villa Pool, Garden Suite Terrace Pool, Lagoon Pool Villa, and Garden Suite Pool. Meanwhile, about 30% will be cut off from the room rates of Ocean Pool Villa, Ocean Garden Suite Pool, and Ocean Suite Terrace Pool. The rate of the rooms is paid on per-night basis and this already includes of the 7% government tax as well as the 10% service charge.

The promo is available only for private use seeing that the rental by groups for business meetings and conferences do not belong in this promo’s coverage. Moreover, those who are want in taking advantage of this offer cannot use this in conjunction with the other promos from Rasananda Resort & Spa.

People who are interested must book immediately so as to be included in the limited list of reservations. Furthermore, reservations made before the promo was introduced and still fall in the duration of the promo will not be honored. Lastly, those who have terminated and re-booked their reservations will not be able to benefit from the promo and they will need to pay according to the original room rates of the resort.


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