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Enjoy Easter Skiing at an Affordable Price

Le Ski is a popular luxury chalet expert that has been operating for more than 25 years already.

This company controls about 23 different chalets in the French Alps’ first-class resorts. They have three luxury chalet hotspots and first of which is the Courchevel, which is the biggest place for skiing and is composed of 11 chalets. There are also the 9-chalet lively ski resort Val d’Isere and La Tania, which has 3 chalets and is the best resort for the young ones.

In order to maintain their first-rate service, they continued to produce remarkably good deals for their clients to take advantage of. Of course, these deals will be available among the Alpine resorts up to the end of the season. Ski enthusiasts should not waste any time and must quickly benefit from the excellent bargains in any of the chalets from La Tania, Courchevel, or Val d’Isere.

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The latest offer from Le Ski is a “half price” bargain specifically for the Easter holidays and there will be no extra fees that will accompany this promo. The price for every person begins at £399 and this will include plane ticket fees, transport services, lodging at an extravagant chalet, and the guests will also endlessly receive wine during the entire stay. The guests will also be able to enjoy delicious champagne and canapés and they will have a ski guiding as well.

The scheduled dates for the half-price Easter promo are the Sundays of the month of March and April: March 27, April 3, April 10, and April 17. One of the available Le Ski chalets on March 27 is the Chalet MarMau, which is a villa perfect for family outings. The original price per individual for this cabin is £832 but with the promo, the guests will only have to pay £399 per person. The recently furnished Chalet Les Whites will be accessible on April 3, 2011 for a price of £499 (previously £1009).

There is also the Chalet Le Rabel, which is a villa with gorgeous interior design, and this can be rented for as low as £499 per person (formerly £1001). As for April 17, Le Bonheur will be open for reservation and guests will be charged £499 for every individual. There are many other Le Ski chalets that can be rented by the interested ski-loving travelers. Easter holidays will definitely be enjoyable with the combination of enthralling skiing activities plus a relaxing stay at any of the Le Ski’s luxury vacation rentals.


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