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Villa Samakee is found within a residential area and it is considered to be a very peaceful vacation spot seeing that it is many kilometers away from the busy streets of Phuket. Then again, there are accessible boutiques, spas, and bistros that offer fine dining. Furthermore, there is an array of choices of luxury resorts in the Bangtao Bay that surrounds the villa.

Villa Samakee offers a special deal in which guests who will be staying for 7 nights will only have to pay for the charge of 5 nights. The regular price per night of stay is $900 and the guests will only have to pay $645 per night.

This luxury villa contains five bedrooms and each of the rooms provides guests with a restful stay. This place allows the people to experience privacy and extravagance all throughout their stay.

Those who want to enjoy the sea breeze may visit the soft-sand shores of Bangtao and Layan, which are both found on the west coast of Phuket. Samakee villa is truly perfect for families and group of friends who desire for an exhilarating retreat based on its first-rate features and services.

The villa certainly allows the people to relax since it has a connected indoor and outdoor area and there is also the scenery of rich tropical landscape. Moreover, the design of the entire villa is relaxing to one’s eyes given that it is modern but still has the traditional Thai style.

Villa Samakee Phuket - Free Nights Stay 7, Pay 5Aside from being a perfect destination for families, Samakee Villa may also be rented out by people for certain occasions. As a matter of fact, the villa can cater for different affairs such as wedding ceremonies.

Villa Samakee is large enough that it can accommodate 10 guests and they can share all the five bedrooms. The villa also has a Jacuzzi wherein as many as 10 individuals can fit and there is the 20-meter long swimming pool as well. Furthermore, guests will benefit from the services rendered by a villa manager, private chef, and maid.


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