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First of all, Wilderness Safaris is offering various packages that will surely leave the adventure enthusiasts seeking for more. Through this company, travelers will get a chance to do quad biking all the way through the Namibian Desert, explore safari while riding a mountain bike, discover the Black Rhino in the desert, travel around South Luangwa by foot, and sail along the Zambezi River while riding a canoe.

Together with Wilderness Explorations, the sister company of Wilderness Safaris, tourists will be given a chance to experience exhilarating escapades and luxury through the proposed activities. Furthermore, the tourists will also be given a chance to choose from an array of the safari programs and camps as arranged by the company.

Abercrombie and Kent Holiday

Meanwhile, Abercrombie & Kent has introduced their “Inspiring Travel” through a hot air balloon. What is more exciting in this newest offering is that the clients will be able to take advantage of a special promo if they have scheduled a hot air balloon ride this coming summer season.

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A&K and Barnsley House Hotel located in the Cotswolds formed a partnership in order to offer the best service to hot-air-balloon-loving clients. In their newest offer, a pair of clients will be allowed to have a one night of stay that will already include of the breakfast and dinner. And the morning after that, the guests will be given a chance to ride the hot air balloon.

Those who will make a reservation from July 31, 2011 to December 2011 will receive special deals from Barnsley House and A&K.

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Last but not the least is the new and exclusive offers from Merrion Charles, which is an Italy-based specialist in private travels. As of the latest, the company is presenting promos to which clients will surely benefit from. And, among the luxury villas in Merrion Charles‘ collection that is accompanied by a special offer is the Casa dei Pipistrelli, an estate located close to Siena.

Casa dei Pipistrelli will be available from August 20 to 27, 2011 and the clients will save €3,500 and they will only have to pay €6,250. This villa will be available from August 27 to September 18, 2011 as well.


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