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Paradisso Villas - Greek Villa for Rent

Paradisso Luxury Beach Villas is a compound of private villas that is found in the beautiful island of Zakynthos. This is probably one of the best places where tired souls can look for a relaxing vacation. A grand vacation for the whole family or group of friends is promised by this lodging as it presents one-of-a-kind features like: large swimming pool, lush gardens, and accessibility of the beach.

These luxury villas are now available for a 10% discount on all bookings made by May 20, 2011.

Everything about Paradisso’s villas oozes of relaxation from the customary Ionian style to the convenient interior design. Hence, people who will decide to rent a villa from the complex will certainly enjoy the fresh and soothing mood emitted by their chosen cabin.

First of the two villas to which Paradisso Villas is proud of is the Villa Margarita. This particular home is extremely exceptional since it is situated along the gold-sand Amoudi Beach of the Zakynthos. Margarita is built in such a way that it bears a contemporary style with a tinge of classic fashion.

Villa Margarita is a two-storey vacation home that is decorated with the use of the archetypal Zakynthian design. This cabin is quite large as it can accommodate about 4 to 6 individuals. The first floor contains a drawing room that is equipped with two settees, wherein each is cushioned with an orthopedic mattress. The villa’s kitchen also has an adequate number of cooking equipments.

A bedroom and a bathroom may be seen on the mezzanine floor of the cottage. And, on the second floor, another bedroom and bathroom may be taken advantage of.

Guests who desire for a calming private retreat should definitely rent this specific Greek villa. The luxury villa’s location is rather magnificent because tourists can see the spectacular views of the beach as well as the nearby island called Kefallonia.

The second villa in Paradisso’s list is the Villa Alexandros and it is created in such a way that it has two comfortable bedrooms. Like Villa Margarita, this villa home also gives the guests a very personal vacation and it also holds a similar neoclassical fashion.

Alexandros is spacious seeing that it can provide accommodation for about 4 to 6 people. A double-sized bedroom, which has two sofas for two additional guests, as well as a twin-sized bedroom may be located on the first floor. There is also a well-equipped kitchen and a fine-looking lounge with two divans in this villa. Guests may share the cabin’s two bathrooms among themselves. Lastly, those who want to unwind may stay at the porch and have a view of the sea’s sparkling waters.


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