Peter Island Resort & Spa’s Exclusive Summer Offers

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Benefit from Peter Island Resort & Spa’s Exclusive Summer Offers

The core of the British Virgin Islands is proud to present a peaceful vacation spot in the form of the Peter Island Resort & Spa. And, as of the moment, this resort is offering a number of extraordinary promos that can be enjoyed by the tourists for this coming summer season.

The first among these is that the resort will give a free stay on the first night if the guests would book for five nights or more. Aside from this, the tourists will be guaranteed that they will receive free meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of their stay when they pay for the Room Only promo.

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This offer is available not later than March 15, 2011 and the complimentary stay will be provided for travels up to December 19, 2011. The price for a minimum of five nights in the Ocean View Room begins at £1,085 (tax inclusive).

People who are in search of a tranquil and extravagant stay may take advantage of Peter Island’s three lodgings. It would be quite relaxing to stay in these villas due to the breathtaking view of the dazzling Caribbean Sea, Sir Francis Drake Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean.

First of the three exceptional villas is the Falcon Nest, which has six bedrooms and is considered to be the most spectacular compared to the two other villas. This particular accommodation is designed in such a way that it can challenge Caribbean luxury villas.

Crows Nest, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 8 people and is decorated bearing in mind the soothing and very personal style of the Santa Barbara estate. Last is the Hawks Nest, which is the smallest among the three and is built in a Caribbean style. This cottage will definitely keep the guests relaxed through a view of the hillside from the connected verandas.

Guests who will book for any of the three villas will save as much as 66% if they were to make a reservation within June 1 to October 31, 2011. However, tourists should reserve on or before May 31, 2011 to benefit from the discount.

The guests will receive three meals a day and they will also be assisted by the following: butler, cook, and housekeeper. The charges per night of stay in the Peter Island villas are £1,678 for Crows Nest, £2,300 for the Falcons Nest, and £1,119 for Hawks Nest, respectively. (There will be an additional 18% for the tax and the service charge.)

Guests who want to spend their luxury vacation with their special persons may benefit from the 50% discount on the second room that will be reserved. The cost per night of stay in the Ocean View Room will be £230 and there will be an additional 18% for the tax and service charge. Of course, the rent for the second room will be half the original price. In order to avail of this promo, the guests’ reservation should fall within March 1 to December 19, 2011 and it must be done on or before May 31, 2011.


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