Save 50% This Summer on Mallorca Farmhouses Rentals

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Save 50% This Summer for Mallorca Farmhouses Rentals

As of the moment, Mallorca Farmhouses is giving out a big discount for all the rentals this summer. This vacation rental expert has planned up to 50% discounts on the last-minute reservations made by the clients on all of their estates.

This new offering from Mallorca Farmhouses is deemed perfect for those who desire for a one-of-a-kind luxury vacation.

There are a lot of types of accommodations that are presented by the specialist Mallorca Farmhouses. Some of these luxury lodgings from the well-known company are: fincas (farmhouses), villas, and the country cottages. And, what makes these accommodations desired by the tourists is that these are built near the magnificent bays of Cala d’Or in the southwest. Plus, these are also in close proximity to Pollenca, which is a historical village in the north.

One of the most popular Mallorca properties that may be rented this summer is Xemarri.

Book Xemarri Villa

Xemarri is a luxury villa that has about six bedrooms all-in-all and this property is established between Santanyi and Cas Concos. As many as 12 guests may share this villa seeing that it contains two large-spaced and well-equipped master bedrooms. Furthermore, this property is perfect for tourists who enjoy outdoor activities because it has a BBQ area and a vine-covered balcony that may be used for outdoor dining. Lastly, this also has a swimming pool with beautifully-designed floodlit home turfs.

The discounts tendered by Mallorca Farmhouses are actually categorized into different levels. And, the process of discounting used by the company works in such a way that the clients will have a bigger discount if their reservation is near the given departure date.

To start off, making a reservation four weeks earlier the departure date will grant a customer just about 10 percent discount. Meanwhile, a booking that is three weeks in advance will cut off only 20 percent from the original price. Making a reservation two weeks before the said departure date cut off as big as 30 percent from the set price of rental. And, one week earlier will help the customer save as much as 40 percent. Lastly, booking during the week of departure cuts off 50 percent of the original rate.


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