Scott Dunn’s Early-Bird European Family Holiday Packages

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Scott Dunn's Early-Bird European Family Holiday Package

Scott Dunn is at it again, this time it’s offering an entire collection of early-bird European holiday packages for you and your entire family! As a specialist in fully customized travel to Latin America, Arabia, India, the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, Europe, oceans, and islands everywhere, Scott Dunn is second to none. Its a company that can take you anywhere and provide you with everything your hear desires, from Pine Cliffs’ children’s clubs to Alpine ski chalets. This luxury tour operator continues its legacy of excellence by providing summer offerings in the Mediterranean as well as fully-catered villa packages for Mallorca and Algarve that even includes a free car hire service to boot!

Scott Dunn is also more than willing to mix things up by offering something new for 2011—namely, the Villa Alfabia in Mallorca for only eight thousand plus pounds per week. The villa is jam-packed with features and benefits such as great views, a separate barn, luxury accommodation, recreational activities, a children’s playroom, and much more! If that’s not to your fancy, then how about trying out Scott Dunn’s Borgo Egnazia deal, which is a wholesome family retreat that allows you to save up to twenty percent on all departures while also enjoying the new Egnathia Spa (has a cold room, hot room, and warm room) as well as a cookery school for your children.

Scott Dunn‘s children club in Pine Cliffs, Algarve is also packed with all sorts of promotions and benefits, particularly a twenty percent early booking discount for all you early bird vacationers out there. More to the point, this summer club for kids ages six months to thirteen years has extended its opening for 2011 from May to November. It also offers everything your precocious little children would ever want out of their summer vacation, which includes panoramic Atlantic Ocean views, various recreational pursuits, sports activities, and much more. Pine Cliffs is also home to a family holiday package that costs one thousand six hundred pound per adult and one thousand four hundred per child.

Finally, the early bird deal for Almyra, Cyprus (which admits adults for one thousand three hundred pounds per person and children for eight hundred fifty per person) allows families booking savings as well as half board upgrade.

If you book by March 15, 2011, you’ll get all sorts of extras and savings. That’s a worthwhile proposition because Almyra is home to a minimalist hotel that exudes coolness, the historic town of Paphos that serves as a cultural hub for Cyprus, an excellent children’s club, and services such as the option to get a free upgrade to half board when you’re booking on a bed-and-breakfast basis.


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