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Get Seven Nights of Chartered Necker Belle Enjoyment for the Price of Six

If you want to change your dreary holiday routine of family get-togethers and you want to get out of a boring vacation rut, then the luxury catamaran Necker Belle may have the dream ticket to a whole new yachting holiday experience you’ve been yearning for!

To be more specific, whenever you book Necker Island‘s  charter Necker Belle for seven nights from February 28-June 30, you will receive a complimentary night as well. This is the kind of promo you should jump at the chance to get before it’s too late; a week-long charter with a whole night discounted is truly a worthwhile investment that maximizes your enjoyment and minimizes your expenses.

This exclusive promo of Necker Belle is Sir Richard Branson‘s catamaran that accommodates up to a dozen guests for a seven-day Caribbean charter worth about $85000 (and includes a fabulous crew of seven and the accommodation itself in the price).

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Moreover, there are a lot of exciting and wondrous things you can do aboard Necker Belle, which includes vacationer favorites like opening your eyes to a whole new world underwater with scuba tanks strapped onto your back, trying out some competitive game fishing, or experiencing the very epitome of a high adrenaline sport known as waterskiing.

For those of you who’d rather relax and unwind instead of having aquatic adventures left and right, this charter company has a little something for you too. Sun lovers in particular will adore being suspended over the turquoise sea in order to work on their tan via the forward beam trampoline. One other thing that makes a yacht charter superior to, say, a beach vacation on a resort is the fact that you have the ability to island hop the Caribbean (a Necker Belle yacht has a maximum sailing distance of forty miles between each destination). The sky is the limit when it comes to having fun with a Necker Belle charter.

Instead of just staying at one beach, you can check out and explore all sorts of beaches and their respective benefits. Necker Belle‘s very own Necker Island—which is part of the British Virgin Islands—is worth a visit as well, or if you’d like, you can also check out the panoramic sights and locations of Barbados, Antigua, and the Bahamas.


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