Soneva Kiri Resort Offers Special Package – Save £3,500

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Cut Back £3,500 for a Wonderful Trip to Soneva Kiri

Black Tomato is known for providing quality travel experience among the luxury voyage enthusiasts all over the world. And, their newest venture involves a trip to the eco-luxury resort called Soneva Kiri found in the beautiful Asian country, Thailand.

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£4,425/person 8-Day Package
Soneva Kiri Luxury Resort

Soneva Kiri is a resort that is established in the isolated island of Koh Kood, which is located at the eastern part of Thailand. This place is very popular among the tourists because it allows people to have a genuine experience of what it is like to live in a village. Moreover, the people will also find a relaxing stay through the dazzling views of sparkling waters and enchanting falls.

This one-of-a-kind luxury resort in the island of Koh Kood is composed of 42 cottages, which are built along the sea cliffs thus giving a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Thailand. Guests will surely be able to find comfort in the place since there is enough space for everyone to enjoy including also the pool villa with the size of about 4,300 square feet by 770 square feet. In addition, relaxation will also be at its best with the cabin’s special features such as: spacious living rooms, bedrooms with air-conditioning units, private spa suites, and accommodating services from the whole staff.

There are more things to come for Soneva Kiri and one of which is the plan of building three restaurants within the resort. Among the three is a dashing restaurant that will be set up at the hillside and this will be facing the west so that the customers may see the magnificent setting of the sun at the Gulf of Thailand.

The safety of Mother Earth has always been the standard used when Soneva Kiri came into existence. The people behind this resort made sure that the materials and the process of erection were environmentally safe. To promote this principle, Soneva Kiri encourages the guests to make use of bicycles and electric carts as means of transportation in the resort.

If you want to see for yourself what Soneva Kiri has to offer then reserve a slot through Black Tomato not later than May 31, 2011. There are lots of advantages that will await you such as a two-night stay at Soneva Kiri plus a one-night lodge at Bankok’s Sukhothai for free. What is truly great is that you will be able to save £3,500 for each person that will join your trip. Moreover, there is also the £4,425 per head package that offers eight nights of stay, a plane ticket back to your country, transportation, a dinner at the Soneva Kiri resort, and breakfasts at Sukhothai and Soneva Kiri.


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