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Explore Thailand through the Phuket Villas

Thailand holds a lot of wonders and if you truly want to witness it with your own eyes then pay a visit to Phuket, which is one of the tourist-friendly cities in this country.

This place, after all, has the most beautiful seashores and there are also a variety of spas that can be enjoyed by the guests. Of course, if you want to stay a little longer in this city then you must try out the three popular villas in Phuket: Samakee, Yin, and Rak Tawan.

Phuket Villa Samakee OfferPhuket’s Villa Samakee has five bedrooms and it is a type of lodging that offers large rooms, privacy, and luxury in one package. This place also provides quality relaxation through the nearby spas, fine-dining restaurants, boutiques, and breathtaking resorts along the seaside of Layan and Bangtao, which are both on the west coast of Phuket’s shoreline.

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$2,400 for 3 nights

The tourists can benefit from Villa Samakee’s features such as the swimming pool that is about 20 meters in size and the spacious Jacuzzi wherein about 10 people can fit. Apart from this is the exquisiteness that can be found inside the cabin. There are antiques, very old statues of Buddha from temples in Thailand, paintings, and art pieces by Christian Develter that illustrate a model of Asia.

People can enjoy a stay in the Villa Samakee for as low as $2,400 for 3 nights stay. This is already cheap because the original price reaches up to $3,600.

Awesome Villa Yin in Phuket OffersTravelers who want to see a genuine magnificence must make a reservation at the Villa Yin. The decorations of this cottage are a combination of the fourteenth and fifteenth century Buddhas of Thailand, contemporary arts (by David LaChapelle, Andy Warhol, and Xiu Ciu Wen), and traditional Burmese songs.

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$4,990 for 3 nights

Villa Yin has a lot of outstanding features making it one of the best places to rent for vacations. Some of these are the fully-equipped kitchen, massage room, wine cellar, sauna, and the home cinema. The guests will also find enjoyment through outdoor dining plus the marble pool of about 19 meters in size.

Those who want to take advantage of this stunning place may do so by paying for only $4,990 for 3 nights of stay. This is another inexpensive offer as compared to its original price of $7,485.

Travelers who are easily mesmerized by spectacular views of the seas may take Villa Rak Tawan into consideration. This cottage is probably one of the most lavish places in Phuket, Thailand and this is also among the lodges that give a good view. As a matter of fact, the Villa Rak Tawan was built on the peak of the hillside in order to provide the guests a beautiful picture of the Surin Beach.

Villa Rak Tawan, which means “the villa of love and sunshine”, is a stylish cabin with five bedrooms and is perfect for family outings and other special occasions. The interior design of the cabin is not its only selling point since it also has a pool that is about 16 meters in length. Looking at it, one may even consider the idea that the pool reach over the sea. This place offers other things such as the personal spa, delicious foods cooked by a talented chef, and the nearby leisure establishments (restaurants and shopping centers).

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$5,100 for 3 nights

It takes only about $5,100 to enjoy a 3-night stay in the Villa Rak Tawan. Obviously, this is not as expensive as the regular price, which is about $7,650.

Tourists should be reminded that the price varies depending on their choice of bedroom use. Renting out lesser bedrooms would mean that the price is also lower. Furthermore, this promo would still change depending on the accessibility of the villas. And, customers are not allowed to avail this offering together with other deals. Be sure to start charter your chosen villa now since the promo is available only until February 28, 2011.


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