2016 Olympics Set for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Just recently, Rio de Janeiro was elected host of the 2016 Summer Olympics after a heated debate and high-profile presentations from the leaders of the four finalists. In the final round, Rio championed over Madrid with an impressive count of 66 votes to 32. Chicago and Tokyo were eliminated in the first and second rounds, respectively.

Following the election, IOC President Jacques Rogge congratulated Rio de Janeiro, saying “Rio presented the IOC with a very strong technical bid, built upon a vision of the Games being a celebration of the athletes and sport, as well as providing the opportunity for the city, region and country to deliver their broader long-term aspirations for the future. This call to ‘live your passion’ clearly struck a chord with my fellow members, and we now look forward to seeing Rio de Janeiro staging the first Olympic Games on the continent of South America. Well done, Rio!”

The Rio 2016 Games will be a celebration of athletes, who will perform in world-class venues located around the host city. The Rio Games will also celebrate and showcase sport. The city’s stunning location, the enthusiasm for sports and the overwhelming support for the event amongst the population, and a desire to lift event presentation to new heights sparks high expectations for the Games. At the same time, Rio 2016 will be an opportunity to deliver the broader aspirations for the long-term future of the city, region and country – an opportunity to hasten the transformation of Rio de Janeiro into an even greater global city.

Rio de Janeiro is determined to provide the best possible environment for peak performances. Athletes will enjoy world-class facilities, including a superb village, all located in one of the Brazil’s most beautiful cities, in a compact layout for maximum convenience. The competition venues will be clustered in four zones – Rio’s neighborhoods Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro and Maracanã – and connected by a high-performance transport ring. Nearly half of the athletes will be able to reach their venues in less than 10 minutes, and almost 75% will do so in less than 25 minutes. Of the 34 competition venues, of which 18 are already operational, eight will undergo some permanent works, seven will be totally temporary and nine are to be constructed as permanent legacy venues.


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