Abercrombie & Kent’s Extreme Adventures 2011

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Abercrombie & Kent's Extreme Adventures 2011

2011 is the perfect year to go to extremes, which is why Abercrombie & Kent is introducing its Extreme Adventure package for vacationers who want to add an edge of excitement and adrenalin into their holiday.

Go and confront nature at its wildest and most demanding by joining expeditions like Canada: Grizzly Bear Encounter. Are you brave enough to travel deep into bear territory in order to witness one of North America’s most feral of predators in an up close and personal manner? You’re quite free to do so.

The options for tours and trips are endless, and the Grizzly Bear Encounter is just one of many Extreme Adventure choices you have at hand. To be true, there’s the “Desert Expeditions” package that’s filled with historical gravitas and cultural relevance, the “To the Edges of the Earth” option wherein you face nature at her most primal, the “Mountain Trekking” expedition that lets you scale heights in the literal sense, the “Surf and Sand” promo that lets you explore the different rivers and oceans of the world, and much more.

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If you’re more interested in improving your health when it comes to having an extreme vacation, then you should avail of the specially customized “Fit for Trips” workout. There’s also the “Multi-Sport” program that lets you explore places like Costa Rica and New Zealand via zip line, raft, camelback, bike, and so forth. Meanwhile, the “Extensions” service allow you to get short journeys that immerse you into different global destinations, while the “Tailor Made” plan enables you to design your own expedition just the way you like it.


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